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A little gem, Tiger Mottle, Paddington

Tiger Mottle, a cute and cozy café situated on Glenmore Road in Paddington. I have driven past Glenmore Road so many times but have never seen this cafe until that day. The name of the café apparently comes from ‘the moth-like pattern that forms in the crema of an espresso shot when the liquid has been extracted with perfect finesse’.

My dear friend, M, suggested this place, the name intrigued me, and its not every day I go to Paddington for Breakfast, so was more than happy to give it ago.

We started with a coffee, I had the skim flat white and M soy latte. The coffee was delicious, not quite Campos-like but very close and replicates the excellence.

I opted for the breakfast salad – racquet, tomato, avocado, Spanish onion, feta, poached eggs and hollandaise. The perfectly poached eggs, oozed with yolk, the feta, the avocado, racquet and tomato topped with hollandaise sauce was delightful! It was light, refreshing and the perfect way to start the morning.

M had the fancy pants bacon and egg sandwich with relish, aioli and racquet with a side of crunchy Boston chats. The bacon and egg sandwich was served on toasted foccaccia bread. It looked good! However, I didn’t have any of this, M seemed to have enjoyed it.

Considering the location of this café (five ways in Paddington), it is reasonably priced ($15pp). Apparently their mushrooms on toast are to die for! So are the juice smoothies and milkshakes (especially their spearmint!). They have delicious treats at the counter such as brownies, muffins, and order delicious goodies! It was hard to refrain, but considering how my brother’s wedding is just around the corner, I had too!

I love the layout, the décor – unfortunately, I was too fixated in my food to take photos of the décor, so you will have to trust me!

It was great catching up with M, and also getting up to have brekkie at Tiger Mottle was well worth the effort! If only we could have sat there longer, just chatting instead of making our way to work! *sigh*

This café is not in my ‘local’ area but I am sure that this won’t be the only visit!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Tiger Mottle

248 Glenmore Road

Five Ways, Paddington

NSW 2010

Ph: +61 402 520 517

  1. Mel
    November 9, 2010 at 12:26 am

    Agreed, it was a cute little place! We should def go back and try other things on the menu – esp their choc fondant brownies and stay longer instead of go to work…oh, and sorry, I should’ve offered you some of my brekkie, oops!

    • November 9, 2010 at 12:28 am

      i probably should have asked! a choc fondant brownies would go down well right now! Not you have got me thinking about brownies!

  2. November 10, 2010 at 12:25 am

    thanks for sharing the little gem. i’ll have to keep my eyes open for it 🙂

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