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A great find, Zushi, Surry Hills

It doesn’t happen very often, but it did happen again. I was supposed to have dinner with ‘The Mother’ but he cancelled last minute due to work commitments. It was too late to organize dinner with friends, and I was too lazy to cook! My effort of cooking has been quite pathetic! Considering I am supposed to lose a few kgs for my brother’s wedding, I probably should have cooked something healthy! However, laziness got the best of me and I was craving chicken karage. I am not sure why, but the past few weeks, all I want is chicken karage and still have not satisfied that cravings!

I was walking around Surry Hills / Darlinghurst, and remembered a Japanese place that I have walked passed several times on Crown Street call Zushi. It’s a small place, longish, and right next to Madam Char Char and Thomas Dux. It is apparently the second branch, the first being in Darlinghurst on Victoria Street. Apparently, the restaurant on Victoria Street has been opened since 2005!

I was ravenous but didn’t want to dine alone, so opted for a takeaway! Apparently, the Darlinghurst branch does delivery – that’s good to know, as it may become my ‘regular’! Not many Japanese places I know do delivery, take away yes, but delivery… not many!

Unfortunately they didn’t have chicken karage! I have noticed that not all Japanese restaurants have chicken karage on their menu – WHY?!?!? So I opted for the next best thing – Chicken Katsu. I also ordered some agedashi tofu and sashimi special. Yes, all for one. Yes, all for me. Yes, I was hungry!

As I waited for my food, I noticed how well each dish was presented! I kind of wished I had dined in, but I didn’t have a book and really wasn’t in the mood to dine on my own. So took it all home, and tried to replicate the wonderful presentation.

Chicken Katsu – crumbed chicken fillet, lemon, sweet soy sauce, entrée size. The chicken fillet was deliciously succulent, the crumbs light and crunchy (even after I have taken it home!) and the sweet soy sauce a great complement. It wasn’t chicken karage, but it did help satisfy the cravings!

The agedashi tofu – eight bite size silken tofu which was lightly battered and deep friend was absolutely wonderful. The tofu was silky smooth, it had the most wonderful texture, that I could not just stop at one! I popped one after another in my mouth. It was just too good to stop! The sauce was separated so the tofu was still a little crunchy.

Last but not least, the sashimi special with chili ponzu sauce – outstanding! I was getting a little full, however, the sashimi was fresh and stupendous. Exactly what I needed and wanted.

I still can’t believe the amount of food I consumed! Sometimes I am amazed at how much I can eat, that it truly disgusts me.

I will definitely be back, to dine in with either ‘The Mother’ or some friends. It’s definitely a great find, considering how ‘close’ it is to home. Price wise – $30 all up – probably a ‘little’ excessive for meal for one but I needed variety, and well, I was hungry – surely that’s a ‘good’ enough reason?

For takeaway orders, call the Surry Hills branch. However, for home delivery (dinner only) call the Darlinghurst branch and is available for $8 or free for orders over $50 within inner Sydney metro area only. Open for lunch, they have lunch sets which also sound fantastic!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


285 Crown Street

Surry Hills, 2010

Ph: +61 2 9380 8830

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  1. Jason Ang
    April 16, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Hi GA. Happy to hear that you enjoyed your meal with us at Zushi. I just wanted you to know that we can make chicken kara-age. We’ve had it before on our menu. So just ask your waiter for it next time you’re in and we’ll see what we can do!

    • April 16, 2011 at 8:01 am

      hey Jason… thanks for that! will definitely come back to try the chicken karage! have been back a couple of times now 🙂

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