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Breakfast at Bird Cow Fish, Surry Hills

It certainly has been a while since my last visit. From memory, it was about 3 – 4 years ago, I came here with two of my dearest friends I and S – they both share my love for food. ‘The Mother’ and I were catching up with his cousin K, whom we haven’t seen since we got back. I, being the nosy person that I am, was keen to meet her other half, J. I have heard so much of him from K herself and my Mother-In-Law that I was really looking forward to meeting him.

Bird Cow Fish (BCF) first opened in Balmain, and is now located on the busy Crown Street of Surry Hills. The food is modern Australian with a touch of French. It has been such a long time since my last meal that I don’t really recall what I had, I do remember that it was good though. BCF is only open for breakfast on weekends, they are open from lunch time, 12 noon Monday to Friday and for dinner.

‘The Mother’ and I got there a tad early, and started with a coffee (brain really doesn’t function without it!). ‘The Mother’ had tea and blood orange juice. It was a rather warm and sunny day, not sure why I didn’t get a juice myself! The blood orange juice was refreshing, fresh and absolutely delicious! The coffee was strong and after a sip or two – I was ready for all sorts of conversations!

K and J came shortly after. J is one of the friendliest guys I have met. He is outgoing, intelligent and K and J seemed like they got on like a house on fire! He is funny, and well ‘The Mother’ loved him as he is from Melbourne and loves AFL!

So after we spent a great deal of catching up and perusing the menu, we finally ordered. K and I had the same thing, Aoraki salmon and potato cakes with creamed sorrel and lemon. Two perfectly round deep fried potato cakes served on creamed sorrel was presented before us. It smelt and looked incredible!

Here is a close up of the salmon and potato cakes – it was deliciously. The batter was light and crispy, the inside moist and tender. The sorrel sauce was creamy and eaten with a dollop of lemon it was just sensational. It was light and absolutely fantastic – the combination of hungry-ness and delicious-ness was just perfect! I ‘could’ have probably eaten another one, two was just not enough!

‘The Mother’ had the poached eggs with grilled Mt Gnoman shoulder bacon, Montpellier butter and Sonoma sourdough toast. Montpellier butter was delightful, and eaten with sourdough toast and poached eggs it was heavenly. The bacon crispy, salty, a little on the lean side for me but almost as perfect as what bacon should be! The poached eggs oozed with yolk, just the way I like I like it! ‘The Mother’ demolished this, so judging by that, I am certain he enjoyed it!

J had the three egg omelette with mushroom duxelle, parmesan and fine herbs served with sourdough toast. The omelette looked great! Moist and don’t be fooled, inside that omelette is filled with mushrooms which J demolished also!

It was great to have finally met J. It was also great catching up with K – it certainly has been a while girl! Let’s catch up again sometime soon.

The service and ambience at BCF was fantastic. Price wise – a little on the pricey side but my salmon and potato cakes was delightful and well worth it!

I do love weekend brunches.

Where do you go for brekkie / brunch on the weekend?

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

500 Crown Street

Surry Hills, 2010

Ph: +61 2 9380 4090

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