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La Tana, Surry Hills

La Tana, an Italian Restaurant and Spritz Bar in Surry Hills. I was catching up with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in such a long time, A and her husband H. La Tana is established by Cristian Di Sandri and Massimilano Vian – they have worked in various Sydney restaurants during their 12 years stay and have combined both their knowledge and experience in Italian flavours.

We came here on a Wednesday night, and it was degustation night ($48 and with matching wines $75) which consists of five courses: two entrees, two mains and a dessert.

We didn’t have the matching wines that evening, A had her a boozy lunch that day and was a little tipsy! I didn’t want to get too drunk as I had an early start, so ordered a bottle of red wine for the table! I can’t remember the name of it, but it was one of the easiest red wine I have ever had.

We started with gazpacho e trota: traditional andalusion tomato gazpacho served with orange and dill cure ocean trout. Gazpacho is a cold Spanish tomate-based raw vegetable soup. Served at cold temperature, this was absolutely delicious, refreshing and a little a sour. The ocean trout and cucumber were great complements and the flavours of the trout, cucumber and the gazpacho was just amazing.

Next Sardee in Saor – traditional venetian marinated sardines with braised onions, sultanas and pine nuts in a light vinaigrette sauce. WOW! I found a new love for sardines when I went to Duke. I have tasted some slimy sardines, but these were far from slimy. The sultanas gave it that extra sweetness, the vinaigrette gave it a nice tang, and the braised onions were like icing on the cake. The combination of the flavours was just delightful.

Gnocchetti coi porchini – homemade potatoes dumplings with porcini mushroom and crispy parmesan cheese. I love good gnocchi, especially homemade. The gnocchi were tender and didn’t have the gooey floury flavour. The porcini mushroom I love only because I love mushrooms. The cute basket made of crispy parmesan cheese was crispy, cheesy and extremely salty! Not sure if I was a fan of the crispy parmesan cheese, but the gnocchi and porcini mushroom I loved.

I noticed on the degustation menu that they had lamb and I am not a fan of lamb so asked if I could substitute it and they were more than happy to do this! A suggested I get the spiedini – duck skewers with speak and Jerusalem artichoke sauce and my goodness. Two skewers of generous duck meat with bacon and they were the most tender and succulent duck meat I have ever tasted. The artichoke sauce was creamy and an absolute enjoyment. I couldn’t help but scrape every bit of sauce – my plate was clean! Clean enough to be used for a second serving!

The others had Sella d’Agnello – oven baked tender lamb rack served with Jerusalem artichoke and black olives. It looked good, medium rare lamb rack, which I was told was extremely tender and succulent. It’s a shame I don’t like lamb, but they seemed to have enjoyed it.

Lastly, I was getting REALLY full by now, Bavarese alle Fragole – wild strawberry soft creamy bavarese served with young coconut sauce. It was similar to panna cotta – jelly and wobbly, this delicious creamy panna cotta like was absolutely wonderful. It was creamy and not too sweet and the wild berries were a great compliment. The coconut sauce was subtle, it was the perfect way to end a wonderful meal.

I was totally and utterly surprised at how wonderful the meal was. Not only that but it was SO SO lovely to catch up with both A and H! It certainly has been a while guys!

This wonderful little restaurant is on Cleveland street – there are so many wonderful restaurants on Cleveland street and this is definitely one of them. Even their non-degustation menu looks absolutely wonderful. Service is fantastic and very efficient.

GA’s rating: 8 / 10

La Tana

435 Cleveland Street

Surry Hills 2010

Ph: +61 2  9310 2311

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  1. July 5, 2011 at 5:11 am

    Great photos! It definitely looks like a bargain not just for quantity but quality since you can see that they have demonstrated care in their presentation and ingredients. I’ll have to add it to my list of places to try.

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