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Beach, food, sun… bondi

The weather the past couple of days have been absolutely perfect – warm, sunny beach weather. It certainly has been a while since I went to the beach! Not only that, but I have somehow forgotten how to apply sun screen! I am embarrassed to say that I have various patches of redness – it really is rather unattractive!

I caught up with an old colleague one day at Bondi. I rarely go to Bondi especially in summer. Parking is horrendous and well there are many good restaurants in Surry Hills that I don’t *really* need to venture all the way to Bondi! However, on this glorious sunny day, I caught up with D for lunch. D suggested Bondi Blue, on the main road of Campbell Parade. We originally wanted some eggs or some sort of breakfast, but realized that it was midday and they no longer served breakfast. However, we were too comfortable to move, so opted for lunch instead.

We started with coffee, unfortunately my coffee was luke warm – it wasn’t hot enough! I really can’t stand luke warm coffee!

We both had the fish and chips ($15.90) with aioli. I seem to order fish and chips whenever I go to the beach, and not quite understand what the fascination is. It was a generous serving, however, I thought the fish was a little on the thin side. Both batter and fish was thin. I usually prefer a thicker ‘slab’ of fish, the batter was rather moist and not crispy. It was good but not the best I have eaten. The chips however, were crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside and eaten with tomato sauce – was perfect.

I do love the open area, doors were open to let the cool breeze in, and if there aren’t any table inside, there are tables on the pathways. D and I sat there chatting, catching up and talking about life in 2011 before we went to the beach for a little of sun tanning.

Check out the perfect blue sky – not a cloud in the sky. It was definitely perfect beach water.

The next day, I was catching up with a friend, F, from Hong Kong, who was in town for Christmas and New Year. She has been dying to go to the beach and wanted to ‘top up’ her tan! It was another glorious day, and we sat in the sun for a couple of hours sun bathing.

You would think sitting under the sun would be relaxing and non strenuous. However, I was starved! We caught up with S also, another friend of mine and he suggested we go to Bondi Trio. It was a little on the ‘up market’ side and quite trendy. The menu is quite extensive, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted – which is really not a surprise.

I couldn’t go pass the trio frappe ($7) – lemonade and mint – it was refreshing, however, if you don’t like mint, then you won’t like this drink. It was rather minty but satisfying, especially on a hot day!

I opted for the Boss Eggs ($20.50) – scrambled eggs with feta and truffle oil – it had me at truffle oil, and was served with avocado, and prosciutto. All my favourite breakfast items on the one plate. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and moist, the avocado was perfectly ripe and the prosciutto – oh I love prosciutto. The combination of the flavours was just excellent and exactly what I needed!

F on the other hand, ordered the eggs benedict with smoked salmon ($17.50). It looked good, however, I didn’t ask if I could try some as I was perfectly happy with my truffle oil scrambled eggs! F devoured this, so I can assume that she enjoyed it.

F and I were the only two out of five people eating – no guessing that the boys weren’t eating! They had beers whilst we stuffed ourselves with food – clearly nothing has changed.

It was a wonderful afternoon! I am a little browner, albeit patchy! Have not seen my Mum, as I know she will comment on how ‘dark’ I look!

Hope you all managed to spend some time at the beach!

Bondi Blue, GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

74 – 76 Campbell Parade

Bondi Beach, 2026

Ph: +61 2 9130 3236

Bondi Blue on Urbanspoon

Bondi Trio, GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

56 Campbell Parade

Bondi Beach, 2026

Ph: +61 2 9365 6044

Trio on Urbanspoon

  1. January 2, 2011 at 5:43 am

    What a gorgeous blue sky! The fish almost looks like it has been crumbed? I usually have my chips with tomato sauce but it’s quite an endorsement if you reckon you could do without!

    • January 2, 2011 at 6:40 am

      oh i always have tomato sauce with chips! let’s hope the blue sky stays for the rest of summer!

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