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Glebe Point Diner, Glebe

It certainly has been a while since I dined at Glebe Point Diner. I first discovered this restaurant whilst running around Glebe, as we used to live around there, and thought how ‘cool’ this place looked. Came with ‘The Mother’ first, before it was famous and before it received its one hat and loved it. I loved the home, comfort cooked food, the consistency of each course and the extensive wine list. Came back later in the year with a group of friends, and from memory, they may have just received a one hat and we all had a lovely meal. Unfortunately, they lost that one hat in the 2010 Good Food Guide.

Hats or no hats, I was keen to go back! I was catching up with a very dear friend, S. She lives on the other side of the Anzac Bridge, and considering the last time we met, she crossed the bridge, I thought it was time, I went to the other side.

Glebe Point Diner can be found at the end of Glebe Point Road, close to the park. The restaurant reminds me a little bit of an American Diner with a modern retro twist. You can see the open kitchen upon entering, and it’s not a very big restaurant, fits around 40+ people. The restaurant was full when I rocked up, thank goodness I made a reservation earlier in the week.

The wine list was extensive – three to four pages, but both of us weren’t in the mood for wine. The food menu is not as extensive, 6 items for both entrée and mains, and a couple more as specials. I had a quick look of the menu on the website, however, it was quite different that evening. I was hoping to have the 12 hour Kurobuta Pork, but it wasn’t available.

Both S and I didn’t have any entrees. I had a late lunch and couldn’t really stomach a three course meal. I opted for the Coorong Angus grass-fed scotch fillet, porcini butter, asparagus and onion ring ($36). Cooked rare, it was incredibly tender, and succulent. The porcini butter melted on top of the steak and was calorific but wonderful. The asparagus was cooked to perfection – I love asparagus, however, don’t get the opportunity to eat is very often, as ‘The Mother’ hates all vegetables starting with ‘A’ and asparagus happens to be one of them!

The onion ring was one BIG ring, deep fried and it was fantastic – I am usually not a fan of onions unless they are barbequed to a crisp, but this was good and didn’t leave me with any after taste.

S opted for their special – home made ravioli ($26). Two relatively large ravioli, it was vegetarian and according to S, it had ‘way too many peas’ but ‘it certainly was nice’. I didn’t have any of this, but S certainly enjoyed it.

We also ordered a serving of baked zucchini with parmesan and bread crumbs ($10) and this was absolutely delicious. The zucchini was baked to perfection and I loved the shaved parmesan and the crispy bread crumbs.

For dessert, S, opted for the floating island, fresh mixed berries and cassis cream ($15). Meringue the size of a tennis ball ‘swimming’ on cassis cream and fresh mixed berries. It was just too pretty to eat! I didn’t have any of this, as I am not a huge fan of meringue but S certainly enjoyed it.

I couldn’t go pass the watermelon granita, lychees, yogurt sorbet and blackberry crackers ($15). The watermelon granita was deliciously refreshing, the yogurt sorbet was surprisingly sweet and not sour, and the lychees fresh, cut into halves, were a wonderful complement. I love the crunchiness of the blackberry crackers, it was sweet, crispy and absolutely scrumptious. It was the perfect way to end a brilliant meal and the perfect dessert for a warm evening.

Both S and I truly enjoyed our meal here. I was impressed with both my mains and dessert. I would be more than happy to return to try their other dishes, especially their pork if it’s back on the menu! It was as good as I remembered it!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Glebe Point Diner

407 Glebe Point Road

Glebe 2037

Ph: +61 2 9660 2646

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  1. March 1, 2011 at 5:07 am

    I’ve been hearing so much about this place lately and you’ve just blogged it. Great timing as I was keen to find out what it is like. Looks like a great place for a special dinner.

    • March 1, 2011 at 10:24 am

      you should def check it out – i really like it… simple, delicious food!

  2. March 1, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Love the size of that onion ring! Looks like a giant Toob.

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