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Courgette, Canberra

Courgette has been awarded a one hat status by the Sydney Morning Herald three years running. Owned by James Mussillon who is also the executive chef. James also owns Sabayon and Waters Edge. Courgette is very similar to that of Aubergine, and I found out later on that James used to work at Aubergine. I can see the resemblance in style and flavour of dishes. However, in saying that, Courgette is rather modern than its older sibling, Aubergine.

The interior is very modern, and very dimly lit which gives that romantic atmosphere. Not so great for my iphone camera though! The place was reasonably busy for a week night but didn’t have difficulty in getting a table for one.

Started with complimentary bread – it was soft, even the crust was soft and fluffy. I think I do prefer my crust a little crunchy.

Amuse bouche – terrible that I have forgotten what it is, but from memory it was prawn consommé with peas puree. It was nice though, creamy, warm and absolutely flavoursome.

For entree, I couldn’t go past the hand-picked mud crab and rare yellow fin tuna sausage, wasabi mayonnaise and crisp rice wafer ($22). Thinly cut yellow fin tuna which was rolled into a ‘sausage’ and then stuffed with creamy and delicious mud crab which sat on generous lining of wasabi mayonnaise. It was fresh, delicious and albeit creamy, was magnificent. But then again, I am a sucker for yellow fin tuna and mud crab! The crisp rice wafer was a nice touch.

No guessing what I had for mains! Sticky pork belly with roasted loin, caramelised apple pear galette, celeriac mash, pomegranate seed, white balsamic and cider vinegar split jus ($38). The loin I thought could be tenderer, but the pork belly just melted in my mouth. The apple pear galette I adored! I could have eaten it by the bowl, it was sweet, gooey and complemented the pork well! The celeriac mash I liked but it was the pork belly and the combination of the apple pear galette that won me over.

I was full, as my friend C would say ‘in the upper range of full’ however, I did notice they had a rhubarb dessert – spiced pear and rhubarb crumble with burnt orange caramel, candied pistachio and mascarpone mille feuille. Writing that now, I am wondering why the hell I did not get it!

I guess this would be a good excuse to go back to Courgette. Courgette has a wide range of wine from across the globe. The food is wonderful with delicate flavours and really interesting variety of ingredients. Definitely a wonderful place to eat, and I am looking forward to dining to the sister restaurant, Waters Edge.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

54 Marcus Clarke St

Canberra, 2061

Ph: +61 2 6247 4042

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  1. May 6, 2011 at 7:08 am

    pork belly!<3<3

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