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Miso, Sydney

Miso has opened for a while now. Tucked in one of the alley ways in World Square, Miso is part of the Masuya group, which also owns Musashi, Makoto sushi bars. They serve meals teishoku style, which includes a main dish, miso soup, rice and side dishes. ‘The Mother’ and I had a couple of teishoku style dishes whilst we were in Japan – seems like a distant memory now.

It was one of those lazy days after work, I didn’t feel like cooking and ‘The Mother’ wanted Japanese. It certainly has been a very long time since I last visited that I forgot the name. I was recommending this place to a friend and had called it ‘Mist’ – now Mist is not even in Sydney, it’s a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong!

The place was relatively busy; they don’t take reservations, however, it is very similar to both Masuya and Mokoto, you put your name down and grab a ticket and wait until your number is called.

We started with a couple of drinks, green tea with yuzu served cold. It had a nice citrusy after taste which I loved. ‘The Mother’ ordered the milk tea, cold, Asian style – I still do prefer the milk tea from Hong Kong.

I don’t remember the menu before, however, I have heard that it has changed for the better. I would usually go to the pork tonkatsu, you all know my love for pork. ‘The Mother’ even told me too but I wanted something ‘healthier’ and was craving eel. Opted for set number 16 – Sashimi and Unaju set ($20.80) – they claim the bbq eel is exclusively imported by the Masuya Group. I had great expectations and unfortunately, it did not live up to it. It was a little dry and extremely unsatisfying.

The sashimi – salmon, tuna and kingfish – fresh and satisfying! The miso soup was wonderful and excellent, it was warm and exactly what I needed on a cold wintery day!

‘The Mother’ opted for set number 19 – Chirashi Sushi and Wagyu Set ($20.80). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to taste the Wagyu beef which was served with yakiniku sauce. I was busily taking photos of the food that when I finished, it was all gone! ‘The Mother’ did say that it was deliciously succulent and he could have definitely done with more.

The Chiraschi Sushi which sat on a bed of rice, I loved. Lightly torched salmon then drizzled with mayonnaise, served with both roe and ginger.

The potato salad was rich and creamy, with corn and chunks of tender potatoes. Dessert I thought was interesting, yogurt with strawberry jam. I like yogurt so enjoyed it, but for those who don’t then it will be untouched – like ‘The Mother’. I was surprised they didn’t give us fruit.

The Tonkatsu pork loin set is the specialty! Deep fried pork served with Japanese coleslaw, potato salad, ogonori seaweed, bean sprouts, rice and miso soup. They should have a pork and eel combo! They have a today’s special bento which is displayed at the door. I assume that since it is ‘today’ that it would be a daily special.

They also have take-away if you don’t want to wait or dine in. Miso offers a wide range of teishoku bento for takeaways and has a special lunch time take away bento for under $10.

Turnover is quite quick, so don’t be put off with the long queues. The staffs are friendly and welcoming. Must return to try the tonkatsu, some claims it is the best tonkatsu in Sydney!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


World Square

680 George Street, Shop 20

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 9283 9686

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  1. May 17, 2011 at 9:33 am

    Doesn’t The Mother know he’s not allowed to eat until you’ve photographed AND tasted all the food. Tsk tsk…

  2. May 18, 2011 at 3:58 am

    Mmm, I like the sets at Miso – not bad value at all…

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