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Concrete Blonde, Kings Cross

Concrete blonde is the new hip restaurant in Kings Cross, right next door to Hugo’s. Apparently, it used to be an old gym before a $2 million-plus makeover by Michael McCann, who transformed the old gym to a slick, rustic dining venue. I love the open kitchen, the long open bar, the decor and even the terrace area.

The wine and cocktail list is impressive. The menu is divided into ‘the cool stuff’ (cold entrees), ‘hot compositions’ (hot entrees), ‘h20’ (seafood), ‘from the ranch’ (meat and game) and ‘over the wood’ (grills and rotisseries). There is also an izakaya menu which is designed to accompany drinks on the terrace.

I couldn’t go past the KFQ – Kentucky Fried Quail ($14) – fried quail Kentucky style with watermelon relish, ancho chili, cilantro and ranchero dressing. Tender, succulent quail which has been coated in a spiced ancho chili batter. Served with cubes of watermelon relish and I love the crispy and delicate flavour of the quail. It was a definite winner for the diners!

The lolli ‘pork’ – bite size cube of confit pork coated in black vinegar toffee was sweet, sticky and absolutely frigging delicious! Only four though, I could have easily eaten half a dozen on my own!

It was the first time in a long time that we all ordered something different for our main! Everything sounded wonderful but it was the wild mulloway ($39) – pan roasted, cauliflower, currant, capers, iranian saffron, almond that had my name on it.  Also known as jewfish, the fish was cooked to perfection – crispy skin and firm white flesh. I love the sweetness of the currant, the iranian saffron brought out a lot of flavours and the fresh vegetables a wonderful complement.

C1 opted for the holstein veal cheek ($35) slow cooked, it was so melt in your mouth tender. Topped with king brown mushroom which was cooked in celeriac and sage. C couldn’t get enough of the sauce, it was sweet and delicious.

C2 couldn’t go past the clarence river jumbo prawns ($42). It had her at ‘jumbo’ prawns and they were indeed ‘jumbo’. De-shelled, the prawns were barbecued with lemon grass, and served with cucumber and pomelo salad and ‘nam prik’ dipping sauce. I didn’t have any of this but C2 seemed to have enjoyed it.

J had the ranger valley 7+ wage beef ($40) hanger steak cooked medium rare which was rubbed with Aztec spices which sat on a bed of corn posole. You can’t see it from the picture below, but there was an ox tail tamale which he demolished quite quickly.

T on the other hand ordered the grain fed dry aged angus rib-eye (on the bone) ($68) – 450g. It was a very generous serving, cooked exactly the way he wanted it – medium rare and topped with hotel de paris butter and served with spinach. Unfortunately, my photo was uber blurry so you will have to just trust me that I had food envy and if it was slightly smaller, I would have been tempted to order it! Serious FOOD ENVY!!!!

For Dessert, C1 had the seared pineapple – I had originally going to order this but I am not a huge fan of white chocolate so thought I would give it a miss. A block of moist pineapple cake, with white chocolate ice cream which sat on a pool of clear buttermilk consomme. I can safely say that C1 enjoyed this, he ate silently, not offering any of it to anyone – yes I noticed!

C2 had the semi-circular Guanaja chocolate – valrhona 70% chocolate, pistachio, navel orange segments and dollops of olive oil jam. The chocolate is rich but not overpowering, and the pistachio a wonderful complement.

T and I couldn’t go past the poached pear tarte-tartin served with brown sugar ice-cream which sat on a trail of salted caramel – oh how I ‘heart’ salted caramel. The pastry was a little soggier than expected but the pears was beautifully cooked and the salted caramel and brown sugar ice cream a wonderful complement.

The chef behind this new establishment is Patrick Dang, born in Hong Kong and grew up in Australia. He’s worked in the 2 Michelin-starred Amber restaurant in Hong Kong (which I really enjoyed last time i was there), Singapore’s T8, and the Viceroy Hotel Group. The cuisine he has created is described as contemporary and it reflects on Patrick Dang’s international experience and cultures. Food definitely wonderful, and everything was so fresh and tasty!

Service excellent, and welcoming. I love the casual ambiance, the funky decor, and the open kitchen. It was definitely a wonderful evening with friends.

GA’s rating: 7.5 / 10

Concrete Blonde

33 Bayswater Road

Kings Cross 2010

Ph: +61 2 9380 8307

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  1. zain
    November 27, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    aaah………….forget the past desserts, have u tried the new dessert menu??? yummyyyy

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