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Bebek Bengil, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Bebek Bengil is another must go restaurant when in Bali. I made sure I stayed in Ubud for two days so I could tackle all the restaurants in Ubud without hiring a driver and driving 2 hours each way!

Opened in 1990, it serves delicious crispy duck as well as other dishes which you have to order at least one day in advance. Not only that, they also serve Western food which I quickly glanced at. The restaurant is quite big, many ‘huts’ surrounding the paddy field and we were fortunate enough to sit in one of the huts!

My friend, S and I both ordered the Bebek Bengil – Crispy duck (signature dish) (Rp 88,000 / AUD 10.20). The duck is marinated for 36 hours in Indonesian herbs and spices, steamed, and then deep fried to get that crispy, crunchy but yet tender touch. On the menu it told us to ‘use your fingers’ and so we did! The duck was tender, although some parts were a little dry, but the bones were so soft that I couldn’t help but nibble on a couple of them.

Served with rice, and Indonesian vegetables, it was absolutely delicious! The duck itself is quite small, both S and I demolished our duck and could probably have shared another one!

We couldn’t help but order a serve of the Chicken Sate (RP 42,000 / AUD 4.85) – it was nice but I don’t think I like Balinese sate as much as I like Javanese sate – there is a difference that’s for sure! The chicken was tender, but the sauce was too coconut-y and definitely not for my liking.

My three favourite ABC sauce!

I love the huts, the alfresco dining experience, there was a nice breeze that day, so it wasn’t too hot.

Bebek Bengil is an absolutely beautiful restaurant, love the decor, atmosphere and the friendly service.

A must visit when in Bali! Next time, I will have to call one day in advance for their Balinese Smoked Duck which is served with Balinese sate, and vegetables or the Indonesian Rijstafel! We saw a table ordered the Rijstafel and it looked fantastic!

GA’s Rating: Bebek Bengil: 7.5 / 10

Hanoman Street

Padang Tegal, Ubud, Indonesia

Ph: +62 361 975 489

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