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Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk, Kuta, Bali

Whilst in Bali, we drove past this place many times, the sign of a man with funny looking hair and face that has made me wondered but it wasn’t until this place was recommended that we actually went. ‘Authentic Balinese food’ she claims, and how could we resist?

Don’t be put off by the venue, it is very simple and minimal, no air con, very ‘warung’ style but the food…. is superb! Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk is said to be the best eating spots in Bali due to its special braised chicken and duck.

We started with the bebek betutu gilimanuk (1/2 duck), Balinese braised duck, extremely spicy and mouth watering but incredible! The duck is marinated with garlic, turmeric, shallots, ginger, lemongrass, chilies, bay leaves and kaffir lime leaves. The duck was incredibly tender, that it just fell apart and full of flavour. Our eyes were watering but we couldn’t help but eat more, the sauce was just outstanding.

The bebek goreng (1/2 duck), deep fried duck was also quite tasty. We couldn’t help but dip the duck in the sauce. The duck was so tender, even the bones were tender, but I think we all preferred the bebek betutu gilimanuk.

Similar to the bebek betutu gilimanuk, the ayam betutu gilimanuk was just as good! The sauce, we just couldn’t get enough of it!

Dad opted for the soto ayam – chicken soup with vermicelli and egg. This is one of my favourite dish, the soup was tasty and refreshing. I have grown up with soto ayam and loved it, it didn’t have enough chicken though.

F couldn’t help but order a side of the soto ayam campur – mix of everything (including tendons) plus chicken soup with vermicelli and egg.

The plecing dengan sambal terasi (boiled veggie with shrimp paste chili sauce), this was quite bitter for my liking and didn’t enjoy it. The chilli was good but not as spicy as the ayam betutu gilimanuk.

Presentation not exactly their strength, but it is not that kind of place. We came here for the food and we weren’t disappointed. From memory, the above costs less than AUD30! We were keen to go back the next day but we ran out of time. Definitely one of the best meal we had in Bali and no doubt we will be back when we are in Bali!

GA’s rating: 8 / 10

Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk

Jl. Raya Tuban No 2 X

Kuta, Bali

Ph: +62 361 757 535

  1. October 12, 2011 at 6:56 am

    bahaha looks like someone drew all over his face with a permanent marker 🙂
    can’t believe how cheap it is .. O_O

    • October 12, 2011 at 11:05 pm

      ya food in indo is quite cheap, provided you dont go to the westernised places!

  2. October 13, 2011 at 10:48 am

    you know what, i actually remember this restaurant – i recognise that picture of the guy!!! didn’t eat there though, the local places intimidated me & my travelling companions weren’t at all adventurous with food!

  3. September 23, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Travellers in Bali shoudn’t miss these absolute unique Bali delights.
    I totally agree with this particular post also in that:

    1. The Ayam Betutu (Chicken Betutu) shown here is the absolute best in South Bali.
    2. This particular restaurant in Jalan (road) Raya Tuban is a must (but there is at least another one of equivalent quality close by in the same street).
    3. The grilled duck is also divine (but when one is in the mood for Ayam Betutu the grilled delight won’t be appreciate fairly).

    Important note:
    It is not irrelevant to note that there are two ways of cooking Ayam Betutu. The variant not shown here is Grilled Ayam Betutu.

    The grilled variant is as legitimate and indeed as traditional, the ingredients being exactly the same. Instead of the chicken being slowly steamed for some 3/4 hours, though it is very slowly grilled. The texture and taste result rather different.

    The grilled variant does not retain in the same way the softness and freshness of the meat that most often delights foreigners who try the braised/steamed variant.

    Hence, the grilled variant can be perceived as a disappointment if one is not aware of the differences.

  1. December 30, 2011 at 7:46 am

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