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Heirloom, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Heirloom is the brain child behind the chefs Vivian Herijanto (founder of Corner Kitchen, who is from Indonesia with Chinese, American, Spanish, Hungarian and Austrian roots) and Ashton Winkler (owner of Blackberries and Cream catering company, who is from Mexico), which is located on the busy street of Hollywood road. Two-floor space, the lower floor is apparently where the cooking is done and where we sat. It was busy, bustling and a little noisy.

Z came early and grabbed a table, we sat there for a while whilst waiting for N and were not pushed or rushed, our waitress was extremely friendly and bubbly.

We started with guacamole (HKD65), perfectly ripened avocado with pearls of pomegranate seeds, the combination was just perfect! It was thick, creamy, pulpy and eaten with tortilla chips it was magnificent.

We ordered two serves of each of the tacos (HKD34 for one; HKD120 for four) – carnitas (braised pulled pork), Balinese fish tacos, chicken and a vegetarian. The tacos are small, palm-sized.

The pulled pork has a strong smoky flavour and the pink pinkled onions really gave it a nice touch.

The Balinese fish tacos were a hit amongst the diners, firm chunks of white fish with coriander and kaffir lime dressing, the flavours burst in your mouth.

The vegetarian tacos I am still undecided. Both Z and N liked it but I am not sure, it was different, a little tasteless I thought.

The vegetarian spring rolls (which I forgot the name!) was different, both Z and N liked it but I am not sure if I did. It tasted a bit weird, a little bitter and the combination of the vegetables were just not for my palate.

The chicken and avocado salad we all enjoyed. The fresh red cabbage, the avocado were all fresh but we all thought it could have definitely used with more chicken!

The chilli con carne with rice was surprisingly tasty. A generous serving of beef, chilli peppers, garlic, onions and cumin and served with a bowl of rice.

For dessert, we couldn’t go past the DIY S’mores (HKD60) – very cute and smart idea, portable open flame burners used to cook marshmallows.

The chocolate was dark and tasty, bit hard to melt and the biscuits sweet but tasty! Definitely a fun way of eating dessert!

Overall, service was friendly and warm. The food was good, nothing really wow’ed me unfortunately, except maybe the pork tacos and the DIY S’more. The lunch menu is different to dinner, there were some tasty-sounding sandwiches that we wanted to order but couldn’t. Great place with friends, for a drink or two over tacos!

GA’s rating: 6 – 6.5 / 10


226 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2547 8008

  1. Yvonne
    May 22, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    I had a bad experience dining at this restaurant – Heirloom Eatery on Hollywood Road. I agree that it has nice decor but their staff treats customers like they are stupid and even the manager is rude and has an attitude. After checking out customer reviews on other sites (openrice, tripadvisor) I found many people have similar experience. I urge everyone to stay away from this restaurant.

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