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Sakae, Eastwood

June 27, 2012

Sakae in Eastwood near the mall has been around for as long as I remember. They have a few branches now, two in Eastwood, one in CBD and the other is in Marrickville. I was catching up with a couple of friends, Dumpling Girl and Cheesecake Boy and suggested this place as I have been craving for Japanese. I was on a sashimi ban for about 9 months due to being pregnant and have been craving sashimi since then.

It’s quite a small restaurant, thankfully DG came early to grab the last table of three which was near the door. The place was buzzing for a Friday night. The menu was vast, sashimi, sushi, entrees and different types of entrée.

We started with a couple of entrees, takoyaki ($6.50) – grilled octopus mince ball served with special sauce. I love takoyaki, it’s a must order when I see it on the menu. I love the creamy innards, the crispy but soft shell topped with bonito flakes and drizzled with kewpie mayo. It was pretty tasty!

Next the gyoza ($6.80) – pan-fried Japanese style dumplings pork and veggies were delicious and absolutely moreish.

DG couldn’t go past the Japanese curry ($8.80) with pork katsu ($3). I thought the pork katsu was a little small, however, it was only $3! I didn’t try any of this but she did say that it was pretty good! I am usually a sucker for curry but was craving various of things instead.

CB had the sakae box ($17.80) – served with sushi (5pcs), salmon sashimi (5pcs), torikara, salad, pickle and Japanese side dish. I had food envy as I wanted the torikara which are crumbed and deep fried chicken – it looked fantastic!

I on the other hand opt for dinner box ($26.80) and it was larger than I thought but had everything that I was craving for. Sashimi (9pcs) which were fresh and delicious, tempura (prawns and vegetables), tonkatsu which was tender and unaju which sat on a bed of rice. A lot of food I know but it was the perfect meal for a very cool evening!

Service efficient and food came out relatively quickly! It was definitely lovely catching up with bot DG and CB! Thanks for dinner, and let’s do Peking duck next time!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10


138 Rowe Street

Eastwood 21

Ph: +61 2 9804 7420

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