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The Baron, Castle Hill

From memory, the last time I was in Castle Hill shopping centre was about 10 years ago! The place is a frigging maze! I was lost and couldn’t get out to street level – my goodness!

There has been a lot of talk about The Baron which is located in Castle Hill – it is not in the shopping mall itself but on street level. The interior is quirky, open every day for breakfast and lunch and also turns into a bar with a separate menu on Friday and Saturday nights.

I was catching up with a few people; both S and I don’t live near the area so it was quite a trek for us, however, for H, it was only a few minutes’ drive!

Started with a Chai Latte which was nice but thought it was weak in flavour.

Both S and H had the mushrooms on toast with wilted baby spinach and Persian fetta ($9). I didn’t try any of this but both said that it was lacking ‘something’ some sort of dressing.

I had the scrambled eggs on toast ($9) with a side of bacon and avocado ($3 each). It was a generous serving, eggs were deliciously creamy and bacon were cooked to perfection!

I do love the vibe of the café, and service was friendly and efficient. Was it worth the 30 – 40 minutes’ drive, I am not sure – probably not! Mind you, if I was living in Surry Hills, it would probably have taken me longer and I am certain I can get something just as good, if not better around Surry Hills. Nevertheless, it’s good to have The Baron in Western / North Western / Hills District! Regardless, it was good to finally check out The Baron, go somewhere different and catch up with friends! I heard dinner is pretty good also!

The Baron

Shop 461 Castle Towers Shopping Centre

Old Castle Hill Road

Castle Hill 2154

Ph: +61 4014 498 877

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  1. August 6, 2012 at 9:16 am

    I really enjoy The Baron. Being a westie I’m pleased at not having to schlep into town for a good cafe with a good vibe & nice food/coffee. I couldn’t find the cafe at first though, that damn shopping center.

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