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Pho Nam Viet, Eastwood

There are quite a few restaurants in Eastwood. Amongst the Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurants on Rowe Street, there is one Vietnamese Restaurant, Pho Nam Viet. From memory, this place has been around for a few years now and oddly been. I guess when it comes to Pho and Vietnamese restaurant, I don’t really think of Eastwood. However on this grey and cold day, we (Mum and Dad) could not be bothered going to Flemington or Cabramatta, hence they suggested this place.

Mum and Dad couldn’t go past the large combination beef pho, the broth was light and had the right flavours. It wasn’t the best pho but it wasn’t the worst either. Mum thought it was ‘good enough’ for a pho fix when you can’t be bothered driving far.

I was being difficult and wanted something different. Have recently over dozed on noodles, I wanted something simple but warm at the same time. I noticed they had beef brisket noodles and asked if I could have it without noodles but with tendons. It took a while for the dish to come out as they had to make it fresh but the wait was definitely worth the wait. Both the brisket and tendons were soft and succulent and the broth was thick and warm and perfect for a cold day.

We also had a serving of fried chicken, just the fried chicken and it was crispy and tender.

Service minimal but food was pretty decent and pho and fried chicken came out relatively quickly. There are definitely better pho places in Sydney, but we were craving pho and didn’t want to drive far and Pho Nam Viet definitely satisfied the cravings. Portions are well sized and reasonably priced.

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Pho Nam Viet

142 Rowe Street

Eastwood 2122

Ph: +61 2 9874 0929

Pho Nam Viet on Urbanspoon

  1. August 10, 2012 at 12:33 am

    Didn’t realise there was one Vietnamese place in Eastwood. Makes a nice change, and cheap.

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