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BLT Burger, Causeway Bay

I love a good burger and in Sydney, you all know where my favourite burger is. The last time I was in Hong Kong, my favourite would have to be Big Bite. They have moved, still in North Point, however they are now on Shop U12 Fit Fort, 560 King’s Road. I will definitely have to go for a revisit.

‘The Mother’ and I were shopping at Causeway Bay, Timesquare to be exact and were originally going to Crystal Jade for some lunch. However, we noticed BLT Burger and thought we would check it out. They first opened in Tsim Sha Tsui but never went as we were hardly ever there.

The space was spacious and at 2pm it wasn’t that busy either. The menu consisted of a lot of burgers (obviously!) ranging from the classics, BLT, Australian Wagyu to fish, chicken, turkey and pork. You can add extra toppings or cheese, and of course there are fries and starters if you are super hungry.

‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the Australian Wagyu Burger, fries, soda combo (HKD188) – 7pz grilled Ningaloo farm Australian wagyu beef burger. The pattie tender and cooked medium rare, and the bun was soft – I have to say it wasn’t a bad burger! ‘The Mother’ definitely enjoyed it and would definitely come back for another.

The fries were thin and crispy – just the way I like it.

I opt for buffalo chicken (HKD98) – fried chicken, red hot sauce, avocado, chopped lettuce, maytag blue ranch dressing. Not quite what I expected. I was hoping the fried chicken to be crispier but it was drenched in red hot sauce, which made it quite soggy. The chicken was tender but albeit thin, and for me, it had way too much lettuce! The maytag blue ranch dressing was a nice touch though.

I have a feeling that ‘The Mother’s’ burger was infinitely better. Wouldn’t mind trying the Tex Mex – 7oz grilled CAB burger, jalapenos, chili, avocado, salsa, jack cheese, onion and sour cream next time.

Overall it wasn’t too bad, service was surprisingly good but it was relatively quiet that day.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

BLT Burger

Shop 224A, Times Square,

1 Matheson Street

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2506 1500

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme
    August 24, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    At least you know where to get your fix if ever you had a burger craving. Can’t go wrong with a burger

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