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Cafe Nirvana, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

There’s never a shortage of places to eat in Hong Kong, especially in Central and Sheung Wan – it’s a blessing and a curse that I have started writing them on a board so whenever we want to head out for lunch, we can just refer to this wonderful restaurant board.

Café Nirvana can be found in Sheung Wan, it is actually more of a bar than a café. The menu consists of both Chinese and Western, hence the mix clientele. The set lunches are great value for money – it is consistently busy every time I walk past. The problem (or not) with most cafés and restaurants and the great value set lunches is that they offer two or three courses. I was used to eating just a salad or soup for lunch and now, two sets? This is the reason why Hong Kong makes me fat – there are just SO MUCH good food! I could go for just one you ask? But it’s the value for money that I can’t go past!

Café Nirvana offers diners two sets – soup or salad and a main which ranges from steak, to chicken to pasta, to different types of Chinese cuisine. The leek and potato soup was creamy – a little on the heavy side but the serving was just right.

The minestrone soup was ‘alright’ according to C – he has had better.

I was craving beef so opt for the New Zealand Beef which was served with vegetables and either rice or potato. The beef was surprisingly tender and cooked the way I like it – medium rare!

C had the salmon with mash and vegetables with the sauce on the side. Surprisingly the salmon was cooked perfectly – I am always a little skeptical about ordering salmon – most places over cook it.

With our set menu, drinks were also included. From memory, cost for lunch was less than HKD100. It wasn’t too bad, service was friendly and food came relatively quickly. Try and come early to beat the lunch time rush. Would definitely be keen to come back and try their other menu.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Café Nirvana

G/F, 65 Wing Lok Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2545 2588

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