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Origin Cafe, Shanghai

Another Shanghai post which is a little overdue 🙂

‘The Mother’, Dragon and I had a stroll at Tian Zi Fang, a pretty cool labyrinthine alleyways that has lots of arts and crafts stores, coffee shops and trendy art studios. We had a great time walking around, and looking at the stores, a must visit if you are ever in Shanghai.

We, more like I was hungry and thought we would get some lunch and ‘The Mother’ suggested we go to Origin café, which can be found amongst the maze of lanes between Taikang road and Jianguo road. Origin serves healthy, home cooked dishes with a focus on organic, locally-sourced seasonal ingredients.

Started with some refreshing fresh juices, it was a rather warm day and silly us didn’t bring the pram so had to carry our 7.5kgs Dragon around – it was tiring and a work out on its own.

I was starving; I didn’t really have any breakfast and wanted eggs so opt for their organic egg, mushroom, sausages, potatoes with a side of bacon (yes I couldn’t resist!). The eggs and sausages were great, the bacon I found too dry, it was cooked until it was crisp and hard, not the way I like it. Overall it wasn’t too bad, but definitely can find something better in Surry Hills, Sydney – yes I am missing my old hood!

‘The Mother’ wasn’t overly too hungry, so ordered a small ball of vegetables and picked at my food!

Service was appalling, it was slow and it took a good 45 minutes for our food to arrive. When we asked for the bill, it took another 30 mins that ‘The Mother’ was ready to give up and just walk out the door. The café was busy but I don’t think anyone should have to wait 45 minutes for their food. Food was alright, definitely not worth the wait.

As we strolled around, I noticed a Popsicle stand – it claims ‘Shanghai traditional Popsicle  and I couldn’t help but get myself one. Flavours were – mung bean, red bean, and 3 other ones which I can’t remember. I opt for mung bean and it was deliciously refreshing!

I haven’t posted a lot of photos of Dragon on this blog, however, here is Dragon asking if she can have some! No Dragon, you are not quite ready for it.

The Popsicle was tasty, I probably should have gotten two and tried different flavours. Will definitely be back next time I am in Shanghai.

GA’s rating on Origin: 5 / 10

Origin Cafe

House 39, Lane 155 JianGuo C. Rd.(near RuiJin Rd.)

Shanghai, China

Ph: +86 1592 1832 324

  1. November 2, 2012 at 6:05 am

    Cute photos of Dragon 🙂 And of your breakfast, too!

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