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Indonesian Restaurant 1968, Central, Hong Kong

I have previously gone to 1968 when it was opened in Causeway Bay about two – three years ago. It was the first time I met my dear friend Jasonbonvivant and mochachocolatarita – how time flies! The Causeway Bay branch has now closed and they have recently opened at the L Place in Central. I was craving Indonesian food one day and suggested this place to my colleague who has never ever had Indonesian food before!


Like all restaurants in Hong Kong, there are always lunch time specials during lunch time. The menu at 1968 is vast, it looks more appealing and more variety than their old branch – mind you this was a while ago so I don’t exactly remember. I recommended that my colleague get the teh botol, which he absolutely loved. It is slightly on the sweet side for me but I really do enjoy it.


We started with an appetizer, salad – which isn’t very Indonesian at all!


J couldn’t go past the nasi goreng special which is served with sunny side up egg, prawn crackers and two chicken satays. The nasi goreng was delicious – there is that wok smell which I love. He didn’t want it spicy which is a shame as I think the chili would give it a nice kick.


I couldn’t go past the tumpeng which consists of rice cakes in coconut, braised chicken, fried chicken, perkedel (mashed potatoes with spices and meat), egg and beef rendang. This was SUPERB and if you wanted to try a bit of everything then this is perfect!


The fried chicken had a very crispy skin and the meat extremely tender. It was seriously delicious!


I also wanted to try some beef brisket satay which was absolutely delightful! The brisket was so tender it just melted in my mouth! Definitely could have eaten a dozen of this on my own!

R1_brisket sate

Overall I thought the meal was a lot better than the one in Causeway Bay. I can’t for the life remember if the menu has changed or if it’s actually better! Regardless, I really enjoyed my lunch here and can’t wait to try their other dishes next time.

Service efficient, I do recommend that you make a reservation as the place was PACKED when we went!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Indonesian Restaurant 1968

5/F, The L Place,

139 Queen’s Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2577 9981

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