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Chicha, Central, Hong Kong

Chicha is the new Peruvian restaurant from the Concept Creation’s Group which also owns Frites and Tapeo. I have never had Peruvian food before so wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew is that the food was tapas like, i.e to share and that was pretty much it. Chicha can be found in the old location of Chez Patrick which is tucked away at the bottom of Peel Street just off Hollywood Road. It’s a rather small restaurant and can be extremely loud at times making it hard to hear the conversation with your fellow diners.

We were a little overwhelmed with the menu, so many choices we weren’t sure what to order so we decided to have the tasting plate and asked the chef to order for us.


We started with the sea bass ceviche – it was deliciously fresh and fragrant and the sauce was absolutely delightful that SK cleaned it right up. I am pretty sure if no one was looking, she would have picked up the plate and licked it! The colour is quite striking also!


Next came the seared scallops, cooked to perfection.

CH_scallops (2)

The fried chicken we absolutely adored! So much that we asked for another serving. Deliciously crunchy and tender and soft on the inside.


The miniature buns stuffed with pork belly was another favourite. Juicy, melt-in-your mouth pork perfectly ‘sandwiched’ between the soft buns, the tangy spicy sauce was a wonderful complement. I would have happily eaten half a dozen on my own.


The Japanese inspired skewers – chicken and cod. The grilled cod with ponzu and rocoto chili aioli was to die for! Silky smooth and incredible. The Chicken with aji panca was good but the cod was definitely the winner out of the two.


The crab claw I didn’t have, but I was told that it was a little underwhelming.

CH_crabclaw (2)

The tacos were probably one of the best tacos I have had in Hong Kong. Crispy light taco shells filled with lots of meat or fish with crunchy vegetables and spicy citrus y salsas – YUM!


Last but not least – the moment of truth – Spanish style roast suckling pig – OMG! Two serving of this and boy, we were stuffed! Some thought that the skin was really tough and hard to eat, but the pieces that I ate seemed ok and was actually quite tasty. The pork itself was good albeit FATTY! Some of the fat to meat ratio was just unbelievable – I had a mini heart attack just looking at it. With it came some lovely shredded cabbage and fried potato balls.


We were all too full for dessert – I would have liked some but my eyes would have been bigger than my stomach. The food overall I thought was delicious, especially the pork buns, loved the fish skewers and the roast suckling pig. I can see what all the fuss is about – readers of Timeout Hong Kong voted Chicha to be the ‘Best New Restaurant of 2012’. The food is good and tasty, what I don’t like about it is the tightness and cramp-ness of the restaurant, but I guess this is Hong Kong and the noise… the noise… it was so hard to hear peoples conversation without yelling at the same time!


It was fun and they had some yummy sounding cocktails which I can’t wait to try for next time. It was definitely lovely catching up with all of you – let’s do it again soon!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


G/F, 26 Peel Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph; +852 2561 3336

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