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Jang Korean, Central

It’s been a while since I had Korean food and from time to time I would crave Korean food. A colleague suggested we come here for lunch, it is located in the L Place (am working my way floor by floor of this building!) and I love the contemporary design with slick furniture! Jang claims that it is the ‘first Korean restaurant in Hong Kong to serve high quality, modern Korean cuisine’. Like almost all restaurants in Hong Kong, Jang offers diners a lunch set special that ranges from bulgogi, to bim bim bap, to pork kim chi and many more.


We all started with banchan – Korean side dishes which consisted of kimchi – MY FAVOURITE! Broccoli with tomato sauce – which I thought was a bit weird, bean sprout salad and lotus.


There were also some potatoes and more kimchi (of course!)

JG_starters (2)

I had originally wanted the barbecued beef brisket, unfortunately they ran out so opt for the kimchi stew with pork belly, tofu and spring onions and my goodness! It was served with rice, but look at the redness of the soup! It wasn’t as spicy as I had anticipated. My only gripe was that there weren’t enough pork. I could count the number of pork slices in ONE HAND!


J ordered the bimbimbap – and this looks absolutely delightful! He demolished this within seconds.


With the set, we were given dessert – from memory this was mochi with red bean!


My other colleague ordered the Jang Special seafood noodle: spicy stock with clam, prawn, squid, mussel which also looked delicious.

I came here earlier this year in 2013 with colleagues, and thought we would share a couple of the set lunch items. This time we ordered something different. The bbq pork we thought was a little bland. It didn’t have any sauce – the meat itself was tender but lacked something.


The chili pork which reminded me a little bit like sweet and sour pork was a hit! We shared this dish and everyone wanted more.


The noodle and beef hotpot was also a hit. The soup I thought was on the sweeter side, but it was perfect for a cold day.


I am keen to try their dinner, the menu looks good, however it is on the pricier side but the food quality was better than most Korean food I have been too in Hong Kong.

Will definitely be back for dinner!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10


18/F, The L Place

139 Queens Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph:P +852 2412 0002

  1. Esther Tan .
    January 24, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Thanks for sharing GA, Korean is authentic, healthy & a Balance diet ,love Korean food. do share with us here, your dinner menu, much appreciated .Esther Tan, Toronto.

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