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Restoration, Central, Hong Kong

Restoration, a new-ish restaurant opened by chef-owner Jack Carson (previously at BLT Steak and Bistecca) can be found on Wyndham Street in Central. The restaurant is tiny, and the décor of the restaurant is quite shabby looking but elegant. The menu is very New-Orleans / American centric, ranging from pho-boys, fried chicken, Wagyu beef, soft-shell crab and many more.


It was New Year’s Eve (yes this post is a little overdue), ‘The Mother’ and I thought we would have lunch together in Central and I suggested this place. He couldn’t go past The Burger (HKD150) – blend of USDA Prime, Australian and Japanese Wagyu (with a choice of Swiss, cheddar, or blue cheese). He didn’t even offer me any, demolished it and said ‘YUM’.


I couldn’t go past the roasted pumpkin and parmesan, arugula, walnut, balsamic, olive oil (HKD118) – I asked them not to include the walnut, as I am allergic to nuts. But the salad was delicious – light, and the roasted pumpkin cooked to perfection!


I had original wanted to steak but couldn’t go past Jack’s Fried Chicken – tobascoremoulade, watermelon pickles (HKD248). It was a GENEROUS serving and yes, I ate all except for one! The crispy chicken was a little salty though, however, the chicken meat, tender and moist.

RT_chicken (2)

The table next to us had the double cut pork chop – 16oz bone-in, slow poached in duck fat then grilled (HKD308). Really wanted to try their dessert ‘Ridiculousness’ – chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich but was TOO full! Definitely next time.

It was relatively quiet at lunch on New Year’s Eve, so service was efficient. Food was tasty and I wouldn’t mind trying their pho-boy next time! Believe there will be another visit soon!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


1/F, 63 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2536 0183

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