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Boulangerie Bistronomique, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Ever since Dragon started swimming lessons at the West Island School, ‘The Mother’ and I have started eating around Kennedy Town. Now, Kennedy Town is not an area I know well, in fact, I have never been there except to visit a friend. We stumbled across this cafe,Boulangerie as we were looking for somewhere to eat. I was staving but more importantly, Dragon was starving and sleepy after her strenuous 45 minutes swimming lesson. ‘The Mother’ suggested we eat at Boulangerie, a new-ish French patisserie opened by David Lai, who also opened Bistronomique (a place I have been dying to go also) just around the corner. Boulangerie reminds me a little like Paris but not quite, this is still Hong Kong after all but they make delicious French pastries, cakes, baguettes and quiche!


I knew exactly what I wanted, quiche Lorraine – it certainly has been a very long time since I had some. The quiche was perfectly cooked, creamy, egg-y and was absolutely delicious and the rocket was a wonderful complement.


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the banh mi baguette which came with soup and chips. It is not the best photo of the baguette as ‘The Mother’ was too hungry and I was too slow! The bread was slightly toasted which I thought was a little weird, but ‘The Mother’ seemed to have enjoyed it.


The cream of mushroom soup wasn’t too bad.


The chips were not what we expected – we were both hoping for hot chips, but it was actually potato chips – such disappointment.


I came back a week later and had the tuna sandwich which wasn’t too bad. I love the fresh bread, and this time they had pumpkin soup which was delicious. Unfortunately I was too hungry and forgot to take photos!

The sweets – the croissants aren’t too bad, not as good as Paris. They had choc-chip cookie which was chewy just the way I liked it!

Overall it wasn’t too bad, however, service was a bit of a hit and miss. If I wasn’t in the area I probably wouldn’t go back, as it is a tad far. But food wasn’t too bad.

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10

Boulangerie Bistronomique

Shop 1A, G/F, 1 Davis Street

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2872 0811

  1. February 11, 2013 at 1:55 am

    Is there nothing worse than being starving and sleepy? lol. And aww shame about the chips. Food heartbreak! lol

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