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Senshuraku Japanese, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

There’s really no shortage of Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. It’s just a matter of finding the ‘right’ one and the tasty one! Shenshuraku can be found in Causeway Bay in The Goldmark building – where The Mon is. I still do like that Japanese restaurant and contemplated going there but thought we should try something different.

Lunch sets / menus are usually much cheaper than that of dinner. Mum has been craving Japanese food – sushi mainly so opt for the sushi set, which also comes with miso soup. She really enjoyed the sushi – I didn’t have any as I didn’t want to deprive her from it.


I opt for the miso cod – the cod was beautifully grilled and the fish was tender. You can never go wrong with grilled cod!


With it, came dumplings – pork and vegetables, similar to the Chinese version but not quite.


A little appetizer, rice wrapped with salmon and topped with roe – one of my all-time favourite sushi.


Dad on the other hand couldn’t go past the sashimi set – fresh sashimi, I was envious – I too wanted some!


Also ordered a serve of eel as both Dad and I LOVE eel! It was a smaller serving than I had anticipated, but it was still quite tasty.


Service good, the place was quite busy at 2.30pm – yes a very late lunch! Food wasn’t too bad, if I had to choose between Shenshuraku and The Mon, I would definitely choose The Mon! I love the fluffy egg at ‘The Mon’!

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Senshuraku Japanese

6/F, The Goldmark,

502 Hennessy Road

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2271 4321

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