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Chez Patrick Deli, Stanley, Hong Kong

Chez Patrick Deli first opened in 2006 in Central. They opened their first Chez Patrick Deli in Star Street Wanchai to offer diners a more casual place and offer them the choice to take home a slice of ‘Chez Patrick experience’. Now there are 3 Chez Patrick Deli in Hong Kong, including Stanley. The weather in Hong Kong has been pretty good, I love the winter in Hong Kong, beautiful blue sky and the sun is shining. We have been to Stanley a couple of times now, mainly in the winter and ‘The Mother’ suggested we eat at Chez Patrick as he wanted something Western.


We were surprised that we managed to get a table straight away. We started with some fresh baguette, cut into small pieces, the bread was fresh and pretty decent. It’s been a while since either of us had fresh bread!


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the “Charcuterie” plate – a selection of cold cuts (HKD120) – prosciutto, salami, pepperoni and different types of terrine. He truly enjoyed it – I think he misses his cold cut meats from Australia, especially good pepperoni and salami!


I couldn’t go past the salmon in sorrel cream sauce (HKD140) – I was a little disappointed that it was such a small serving! The salmon was a little cooked for my liking, as I do like it medium rare. The sorrel cream sauce was a wonderful complement.


Overall I thought the service was ok, I have heard that the service has been bad, but we had no issues. Food was good, and we managed to buy a couple of things from the deli to take home – some cold cuts for ‘The Mother’, cheese for me and of course some bread!


It was a good day out and about, I really do like Stanley. I think Dragon would enjoy it more when she is older and can walk / run. We strolled through the markets, bought a couple of things. A very satisfying and fulfilling day.

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Chez Patrick Deli

Shop 5-6, G/F, Stanley Plaza, Cape Road

Stanley, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 683 5115

  1. February 16, 2013 at 1:33 am

    Looks like a good charcuterie plate!

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