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Bo Innovation, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

I went to Bo Innovation about 2.5 years ago for lunch with a dear friend MG. We enjoyed the meal and at the time didn’t think I would go back again. It was one of those places that I’ve been, enjoyed it but not sure if I’d go back again. Until recently and I have to say, I am glad that I did. We came for dinner and opt for the smallest tasting menu and even then, there were about 8 courses plus more.


We started with some ‘egg waffles’ – one of my favourite snacks in Hong Kong. There were two choices, one with Iberico ham and the other just plain. I couldn’t really taste of Iberico ham, I thought it would have a stronger flavour but it was tasty regardless.


As most of you may now, I am still breastfeeding yes, 10 months on and still going. There are still certain food I can’t eat as Dragon is slightly (or not so slightly) allergic to them. Raw food is one of them, and shellfish. So unfortunately I wasn’t able to eat any of the raw food and everything had to be cooked – seriously feel like I am pregnant again! Ha!

My companions had the Oyster – spring onion, lime, ginger snow, ‘xiaoshing’ seaweed jelly to start and they all said that it was ‘delicious’ and ‘magnificent’.


I on the other hand started with the Dead Garden – enoki, morel, avocado and green onion. It resembles a ‘plant’, the enoki being the roots. I had this on my first visit, the ‘dirt and plants’ were extremely smooth and creamy.


Saba – sesame, ponzu cloud, ginger, parfum de Hong Kong. Saba being a type of Mackerel fish. This was served raw, so instead of fish, I got tofu. It’s no substitution as I am sure the saba was excellent, and especially with ponzu! I love the ponzu sauce and dry ice and flavouring on top.


Foie gras ‘mui choy’ – I really enjoyed this dish. My foei gras was cooked thoroughly, I noticed other diners were medium rare served with preserved mustard green ice cream – it was delicious!


Cod – saffron miso, sauternes, seaweed. The cod was beautifully cooked, so good that I wanted more and the saffron miso a wonderful complement.


Molecular ‘xiao long bao’ – I have had this before and this is Bo Innovation’s signature dish. The juicesof the soupy dumpling, injected into some sort of molecular membrane paper. Some of my dining companions didn’t enjoy this, they preferred the actual xiao long bao which I can understand.


Scallop – shanghainese ‘jolo’, woba, pea shoot. I didn’t have this but I was told that the scallop was beautifully cooked.


Instead I had the black truffle ‘cheung fun’ which I absolutely loved! The Cheung fan was magnificently smooth and delicate and the black truffle had quite a strong flavour.

BO_cheungfan (2)

Tomato – ‘pat chun’ vinegar, Chinese fermented olives ‘lam kok’. This was a favourite amongst the diners. Tomatoes cooked three ways (from left to right) – pat chun or Chinese black vinegar poached cherry tomato which has the sweetest juice when pop in the mouth, tomato fritter cooked with ‘lam kok’ or Chinese olive which was delicious and lastly tomato marshmallow.


Everyone wanted the supplement – black truffle ‘chian dan chee’ – which is a traditional Cantonese favourite at Cha Chan Ting. Egg, spam ham and generous portion of truffle on toast – what’s not to like? This was possibly one of my favourites dish that evening. If only I can eat this every day for breakfast!


Majority of the diners had the suckling pig – Sichuan vanilla, apple and peas. Oh my.. the suckling pig was incredibly tender it just melted in your mouth and the apple and peas a wonderful complement.


A couple of people had the carabinero red prawn – ‘har mi’, ‘lo mein’, chili. TWO gigantic red prawns and a pasta which was cooked el dente.



We couldn’t go past the wagyu beef – it was melt in your mouth tender! Two tiny pieces for the six of us was definitely not enough! I could have easily eaten two servings on my own!


Now dessert, green tea ice cream, ‘shu jing fang’ caramel, lychee rose popsicle. YUM! It was just too beautiful to eat. I loved the green tea ice cream and not to mention the lychee rose popsicle – DELISH!


The petit fours were ‘petit dim sum’ – variety of sweet treats made to look like traditional dim sum. It was definitely clever and indeed tasty.



I was actually quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the meal the second time round at Bo Innovation. For me, the highlights would have to be the black truffle ‘chian dan chee’, as well as the tomatoes cooked three ways and not to mention the suckling pig and as well as the wagyu beef. Service was excellent, but I wouldn’t exactly say that it is a very ‘molecular’ restaurant. There were some strong molecular dishes but some there were less so. Regardless it was enjoyable.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Bo Innovation

Shop 13, 2/F J Residence, 60 Johnston Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2850 8371

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  1. February 20, 2013 at 2:42 am

    The husband and I loved it! We actually went in with no expectations, and you must applaud Alvin Leung as it’s always a difficult job to reinvent any cuisine so steeped in culture and tradition. It’s so easy to be branded as ruining a classic or fixing something that isn’t broken.

    That said, I think you need to go there with some familiarity with Chinese food – otherwise it might all seem just a bit weird!

    • February 21, 2013 at 1:28 pm

      ya i had high expectations the first time, and it was good but the 2nd time was a lot better – not sure why but it was good.

  2. February 20, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    well done for still breastfeeding 10 months on, my little nephew is also an allergy baby so had switched to formula 😦
    anyways, this looks amazing! esp that scallop!

    • February 21, 2013 at 1:28 pm

      thanks! 2 more months then i can eat all the seafood i want! sashimi here i come 🙂

  3. February 21, 2013 at 8:54 am


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