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Brunch Club, Soho, Hong Kong

Brunch Club in Soho can be found on Peel Street. It is quite a ‘homey’ looking café, I love the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. If I lived nearby, I can imagine coming here for brunch and spending the morning surfing in the net whilst having breakfast. I have yet to try the breakfast here so can’t confirm whether or not it is good. However, I have tried lunch and the food is pretty decent.

The place was busy when we rocked up at lunch time and we got the last table inside with the comfy sofas! Brunch club offers diners set lunch menus weekday ranging from HKD68 pending on how many courses you have. From memory I had two, soup and main.

Started with the pumpkin soup – it was deliciously creamy and smooth. How I have missed good pumpkin soup! It was served with toasted brown bread which was ok – have definitely had better bread that’s for sure.


J had their salad – he didn’t want any dressings on it, so just got leaves and bacon – it looked rather sad I thought, but he seemed to have enjoyed it.


I couldn’t go past the steak which was served with potatoes. The steak was a little thin albeit beautifully cooked just the way I like it – medium rare. The pepper sauce was a wonderful complement – it wasn’t overpowering which was nice.


J had the mushroom linguini pasta. The pasta was cooked al dente and from judging from the silence he really thoroughly enjoyed it.


He couldn’t go past some waffles. Unfortunately the waffles came before our mains finished which annoyed me a little as it got cold. It would have been nice to have eaten them warm as they would have definitely tasted better. No ice cream but a whole slab of butter.


The carrot and walnut cake I was told was quite decent. I didn’t have any as I am allergic to walnuts but was informed that it was moist and delicious.


Service wasn’t too bad and I thought my meal was quite decent. I would definitely like to try their breakfast one day – still in search of the best breakfast in Hong Kong. If I didn’t have to go to work, I would have probably stayed there and read the lovely magazines on offer.

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Brunch Club

G/F, 70 Peel Street

Soho, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2526 8861

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