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Lei Garden, Central, Hong Kong

I’ve been to Lei Garden many times now, at different branches but mainly for dim sum. This was a belated birthday dinner with one of my high school friends in Hong Kong. She was craving duck and suggested that we go here.


The food at Lei Garden is consistently good, I can’t really complain, it’s just a matter of trying all the different dishes on offer. We left all the ordering to M and believe me she did well! We started with the pork bone soup – the soup was delicious with lots of flavours.


The meat – pork, chicken feet and intestine – this is what made the soup absolutely delicious!


‘The Mother’ wanted the steamed mince pork with salted fish – this was very good, the pork tender and the salted fish was subtle but not over powering.


The moment of truth – the Peking Duck – the skin was deliciously crispy and the meat tender. It had the right amount of meat / skin ratio. I don’t like how sometimes you get big chunks of meat and not enough skin.


The rest of the duck – it was fantastic! The meat was so tender and juicy. As you can see it was probably a very meaty duck!


We also ordered some fish and vegetables – unfortunately I didn’t get the shot of the dish but only after it was served. The fish was a little bone-y for my liking but it was very good!.


I don’t know what this soup is called so I am going to call it crispy rice soup as the rice was crispy – I kid you not! I love the crispiness of the rice, and the soup itself had lots of flavours. It had lots of prawns but did not make it fishy at all.


For dessert, we had complimentary red bean soup which was served hot and surprisingly not that sweet.


We all couldn’t resist fried dough with honey. Oh my – talk about sinful! It was hard to stop at just one.


Thank you my dear friend for dinner, I certainly had a very enjoyable meal! I look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Service efficient, and food very good! Reservations is highly recommended!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Lei Garden

Shop 3008, Two International Finance Centre Mall,

1 Harbour View Street,

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2295 0238

  1. March 6, 2013 at 1:48 am

    ive heard a lot about this placeon instagram, looks like i have to try it when im next in hk!

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