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Le Paris Go Cafe, Bondi Beach

We have been pretty lucky that the weather in Sydney has been awesome. Sunny, and although it was a little cold at night, you can still wear shorts during the day. ‘The Mother’ and I wanted to take Dragon to the beach, we wanted to show her the beach, Bondi Beach and not those man-made ones in Hong Kong. I had originally wanted to eat at Bondi Hardware but didn’t realise that they were only open for lunch from Thursday onwards! DOH!

We probably could have gone ANYWHERE in Bondi – so many good cafes but Dragon was getting a little antsy as it was almost nap time so we picked the first café we saw which was Le Paris Go Café, opposite Bondi Hardware.

The café was busy, and they were a little short staff but surprisingly the food came relatively quickly and although it took a while to order, the service overall wasn’t too bad. I have read on urbanspoon how service was atrocious, that day, it wasn’t bad at all.

The mango frappe went down so nicely, and perfect for the warm weather.

LPG_drink (2)

I couldn’t resist the corn fritters, with bacon, pesto and onion jam. Oh MY – YUM! I have missed good corn fritters, however, I must admit, the one at Bills would have to be my favourite.


‘The Mother’ ordered his ‘usual’ – bacon and eggs with poached eggs which he enjoyed. It was simple and tasty he said.

LPG_baconegg (2)

Service wasn’t bad, it was slow at first but we got our food not long after. There seemed to be a lot of diners at the time, so it can’t be that bad.

After lunch, we had a quick walk on Bondi Beach. Dragon wasn’t as excited as I had hoped. I think she was scared at HOW BIG her bath tub was and like me, she wasn’t a huge fan of sand! HA!


I do miss Bondi Beach!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Le Paris Go Café

38 Hall Street

Bondi Beach, 2026

Ph: +61 2 9130 6753

Le Paris-Go on Urbanspoon

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