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Indonesian 1968, Central, Hong Kong

I am really liking this Indonesian Restaurant. I came here for lunch for the first time since they moved location and came back again for dinner about a few weeks later. This time though, we got to try more dishes on their menu.


We started with the pork satay – tender and full of spices. I had to ask them specifically not to put the peanut sauce on the satay as I am still allergic to nuts. Satay with no peanut sauce is just not the same I tell you – not the same, but it is still quite tasty.


The beef satay was nice but I still prefer the pork.


However, my favourite would have to be the tendons satay – deliciously tender and incredibly tasty.


The corn fritters were sweet, and I grew up with this snack and absolutely loved it!


The perkedel was ok, I still think Mum makes the best perkedel!


The roast chicken was excellent, incredibly tender with crispy skin.


The chicken curry was slightly on the spicy side but who could resist chicken and potatoes? Definitely not ‘The Mother’ – his favourite dish!


Beef rendang is one of my favourite dish, and although I am bias with Mum’s rendang, this was actually not bad. Not as good but I would happily eat this if Mum’s not around.


Service was efficient, and I would happily return and get my Indonesian fix. I have to say the food at this location is infinitely better than the one at Causeway Bay.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Indonesian Restaurant 1968

5/F, The L Place

139 Queen’s Road

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2577 9981

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