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Lock Cha Tea House, Admiralty

We stumbled across this place when we went to Hong Kong Park to check out the aviary. Dragon LOVES birds, on our daily walk, I would point to her the birds and go ‘tweet tweet’, so thought it would be nice to check out the aviary in Hong Kong Park.

I didn’t know this place existed. We originally wanted to eat L16, but it was fully booked and one of the waitress recommended this place. It’s a tea house that serves vegetarian dim sums. The place was relatively busy when we went but we still managed to get a table which was good as we were famished! Menu changes daily and was a limited I thought.

We started with boiled vegetarian dumplings which was delicious.


I absolutely love these tofu skin stuffed with vegetables inside. The tofu skin was silky smooth and the vegetables were a wonderful complement.


Choy sum as ‘The Mother’ wanted vegetables


The turnip cake was nice without the bacon and shrimp.


Another vegetarian dumplings – I can’t for the life of me remember what’s inside.


For dessert, sesame dumplings in jasmine tea. I love black sesame dumplings and this was fantastic. It wasn’t as sweet as I had anticipated, and the jasmine tea really gave it a nice touch.


Service was friendly and polite. I love the different types of tea on offer. The menu was too limited for my liking and servings were small. But what we ordered was nice, a little on the pricey side.

Would I come back? Most likely to try their other dishes and definitely for the sesame dumplings in Jasmine tea.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Lock Cha Tea House

G/F, The K.S. Lo Gallery,

Hong Kong Park, Admiralty

Ph: +852 2801 7177

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