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Spring Trinity, North Point, Hong Kong

This place was highly recommended by a friend. M was in town, and we wanted to go for hotpot, however, it wasn’t your traditional hot pot (and you can see why later on!). The menu was all in Chinese, but thankfully one waiter was patient and explained to us what was on the menu one by one. He didn’t speak English well, I didn’t speak Cantonese at all but somehow we managed to understand each other.


Now Spring Trinity hotpot offers diners spicy chicken pot – apparently it has been trending for a while and I didn’t even know it! Spring Trinity offers diners all you can eat hotpot and drinks with their spicy chicken pot for HKD168. The hotpot comes in two broth choices, Sichuan spicy or pork bone, and from memory we opt for the Sichuan spicy but it wasn’t overly too spicy which was good.


Started with some chicken wings and pickles.


Before we start with the hotpot, the chicken pot is brought before us, and there was a GENEROUS amount of chicken which was extremely flavourful! I love the sauce, it was delicious.


Once we have eaten the chicken or most of it, water is poured over it and this is where the hotpot begins! It was different, we kept finding pieces of chicken which was partly nice and partly annoying! Especially if you were expecting beef or something.


Since we couldn’t really read the menu we relied on the waiter to get what we want – beef mainly, think we had about 4 servings off, a mixture of beef, pork balls, some pork, chicken and most importantly vegetables and noodles. Overall, it wasn’t too bad and I think we ordered pretty well!


Service was friendly, the place was relatively small. It was good but this was the first time I’ve had chicken pot hotpot so can’t really compare. Will definitely have to try other places – recommendations are definitely welcomed! Reservations are highly recommended!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Spring Trinity

Shop 4, G/F, Gain Yu Building

96-110 Wharf Road

North Point, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2578 8123

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