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Trolley Dessert, North Point

I have such a weak spot for desserts. I used to think that it was the most important meal of the day and there was a stage in my life that I had to have it after dinner.. as you can see it really didn’t help with the weight loss or my hips and thighs for that matter! Now I try and eat more fruits but I would have the occasional desserts once in a while.


After our meal in North Point, we wanted something sweet and as I was taking Dragon for a walk I stumbled across this dessert place, Trolley Dessert. it was relatively empty, I asked the owners if they were new and they said at the time, they have only been opened for a month or two. I’m not sure what was here previously as I don’t venture out to North Point very often but was definitely curious enough to check it out. The menu was vast! From memory 4 pages long and yes they did have English menu for me who can’t read Chinese! They had all sorts of desserts for everyone, and you could add extra goodness to your dessert.


I have been craving grass or herbal jelly of late, and they don’t make the grass or herbal jelly like the one at meetfresh! The grass jelly with cha cha and green bean – it was seriously good! It wasn’t too sweet or too milky – the combination was just perfect.


M couldn’t go past the black sesame glutinous rice balls – this is usually my favourite. Served hot with ginger – the more ginger the better obviously! I think my favourite for this is at Aunty Sweets – the last time I was there, I couldn’t help but order 2 servings of it! OMG!


‘The Mother’ is on the hunt for the best mango, pomelo, sago dessert with mango ice cream. He was pretty happy with this one, especially with the ice cream.


Overall the desserts I thought were nice. I am definitely keen to try the others so will definitely be back! It was relatively empty that evening, I do hope that they will still be there for my next visit! Hopefully soon!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Trolley Dessert

Shop 2A, G/F, Ngan Fai Building,

84-94 Wharf Road,

North Point, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2512 0820

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