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Wong Chi Kee, Central, Hong Kong

M was in town and we were craving wonton noodles. I know there are probably many other wonton noodles place better than Wong Chi Kee, but I wanted to try somewhere different and ‘new-ish’. Wong Chi Kee reopened after it was forced to close down due to rent (as I was told). This place was recommended by my high school friend M, so thought we would check it out.

Both my parents couldn’t go past congee – whenever they see it at the menu they would order it. Dad had the pork intestines congee and absolutely loved it! It was a generous serving and slightly more expensive but he said it was worth it.

Mum had the pork and century egg, her staple congee and also really enjoyed it.

I wanted the beef brisket and wonton (without noodles, as I had noodles earlier for breakfast!). The beef brisket was ok, I have definitely had better, at Sister Wah in Tin Hau – I still think that’s still the beef brisket in Hong Kong (big call I know!).

The prawn wontons were big, plump and moreish.

M had the beef brisket and wontons noodles. She agreed with me that the beef brisket at Sister Wah is infinitely better. The egg noodles were good though.

Service minimal, price wise, I can’t remember each dish but total was about HKD180 which is reasonable cheap.

Pity the beef brisket was so so, but both my parents definitely enjoyed the congee.

GA’s ratings: 6.5 / 10

Wong Chi Kee

Basement, 10-12 Stanley Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2869 1331

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