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22 Ships, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Like the name of the restaurant, 22 Ships is actually situated on 22 Ship Street in Wan Chai. The restaurant is quite small, with a capacity of about 35 people. There are absolutely no reservations policy and all members of your party must be present before being seated. This restaurant is led by Michelin-starred British celebrity chef Jason Atherton. It has a very casual atmosphere and very friendly.


I was here with one of my dear friends, M (yes this post is extremely late!). I have wanted to come here for dinner but because of the no reservations policy it was a bit hard, especially with Dragon, so we decided to go for lunch and that was definitely much better.

We started with the jamon iberico croquette, deliciously crispy, the croquette was soft and pillowy. I couldn’t really taste the jamon iberico which was a shame.


The heirloom tomatoes and sherry vinegar was tasty. I love heirloom tomatoes, so does Dragon so this was a win win for all of us.


I can never go past bone marrow and the baked bone marrow, onion jam, sourdough and gentlemen’s relish butter was beautiful. Aromatic bone marrow, scraped out and breadcrumbed before being nestled back in the bone.


It was incredibly soft that it just melted in your mouth. The relish was rich, and the sweet caramelised onion a wonderful complement. I could have definitely eaten this dish on my own or even had seconds.


We both couldn’t go past the suckling pig and this was probably the highlight for me. Crispy skin with the right amount of sinful fatty goodness. The meat was tender and loved the baked apple that went with it.


We were getting full by this stage but couldn’t resist in getting the frozen black sesame, pineapple and carrot sorbet with coconut tapioca – OH EMMM GEEE! The pineapple and carrot sorbet was phenomenal, not to mention the frozen black sesame, and the coconut tapioca was just a wonderful complement. A perfect way to end the meal.


I have to say, I really enjoyed the last couple of dishes – especially the bone marrow, suckling pig and dessert. The heirloom tomatoes were nice but nothing special I thought.

Service was polite and food came relatively quickly. My only gripe is that the restaurant is SMALL! It was hard to eat with Dragon as there weren’t a lot of room, if she was older I think it would have been even more difficult. Would definitely like to come back (for lunch again perhaps) and try their other dishes.

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

22 Ships

G/F, 22 Ship Street,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2555 0722

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