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Hot in a Pot, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

I really do miss Tin Hau. There is always good food and my favourite desserts place Auntie Sweet is there. ‘The Mother’ and I were trying to decide where to eat and thought of Tin Hau. We didn’t really have a place in mind, just thought we would walk along Electric Road and pick somewhere. Stumbled across Hot in a Pot! It is actually a hot pot place, but they also do Dim Sum here which is a little fancy than norm but surprisingly ok!

The menu is in Chinese, however, they have pictures next to it so you have an idea of what it is. Thankfully I recognise the important characters of fish, beef, chicken, pork so think we ordered ok. It’s not your typical dim sum, as there are no carts (not a lot of places in Hong Kong has carts these days), you fill out the form which has boxes next to the pictures.


We started with the steamed rice roll with beancurd skin crackers and prawn. I really loved the silky steamed rice roll, so did Dragon. The beancurd skin cracker was crunchy giving the whole thing a nice ‘crunch’.


The siu mai, I didn’t have, but was informed that it wasn’t too bad. It was actually quite plump and juicy.


The chicken feet I adored. Think I ate most of this, but I am a huge fan!

TH_chicken feet

Dragon and I both enjoyed the soft bun, the pork and vegetables were a wonderful complement.


I enjoyed the beef siu mai more than the fish. Thought the fish had a little bit of a fishy taste.


It was a slightly fancier dim sum, it didn’t have the ‘usual’ dim sum that I would order but had most of it which was nice. From memory there also had burgers on the menu which I thought was a little weird. You know me, I prefer the good old, simple dim sum! The more old school the better, but this wasn’t too bad. I wouldn’t mind going back to try their hot pot though.

Service I thought was fine, I have heard that it was a bit of a hit and miss but we had no problems that day. We had Dragon who kept dropping chopsticks and bowls and they weren’t annoyed with us – well at least I don’t think so!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Hot in a Pot

Shop C, Sing Kung Lau,

80-86 Electric Road,

Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2929 4999

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