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Classified Mozzarella Bar, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

I really like this Classified restaurant which can be found on Star Street in Wan Chai. I love the high ceiling, the communal dining area – reminds me a bit like Sydney cafes. I love the large glass display cabinet of cheese. I should have known that it is a Mozzarella bar! I didn’t even realise until now! DOH and I am kicking myself for not trying any of the cheese, no doubt that we will be back as ‘The Mother’ really does like this place.


We came here after Dragon’s swimming lesson and I have been craving eggs all week so couldn’t resist the scrambled eggs with mushrooms. The eggs were deliciously creamy and the mushroom a wonderful addition.


‘The Mother’ was craving toasted sandwich, a simple cheese and toast sandwich and that is what he got. It’s hard to get good bread in Hong Kong and this was excellent, thick and crusty and fresh and the cheese – well, ‘The Mother’ absolutely loved it.


‘The Mother’ enjoyed the coffee, he said that it is one of the ‘better ones in Hong Kong’ and I couldn’t go past the organic dry rhubarb soda – yum!


Service was friendly, the place does get busy and it is not a very large café. I will definitely be back and try some of the cheese – burratta and the not!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Classified Mozzarella Bar

G/F, 31 Wing Fung Street, 

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2528 3454

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