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Torihana, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

We stumbled across Torihana as we were walking down Irving Street in Causeway Bay. To be frank, I can’t even remember what we were looking for, however, I do remember that it was where Dragon got sick! It wasn’t from the food at Torihana, but it is how I remember the restaurant to be. Torihana serves Tokyo style Chicken broth noodles, very popular in Japan but the 1st time it has arrived in Hong Kong. There are several branches, including Tsim Sha Tsui which opened first. The Menu was vast, lots of different types of ramen, chicken karaage and rice dishes.


Edamame to start, you can never go wrong with these.


Chicken karaage, oh how I have missed thee! The chicken were tender and succulent, and dipped in kewpie mayo sauce was delicious.


I wasn’t really up for ramen, so opt for the pork katsu curry. I have definitely had better curry, like CoCo Ichibanya or Izumi Curry. The pork was tender and I loved the crunchy exterior.


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the ramen, I can’t for the life remember which one – think it was the most simple one and he said it was OK. He still prefers Ippudo or Butao ramen.


Now, I mentioned earlier that Dragon was sick, her face was so red and it was the first time in a LONG time that she vomited on me! Projectile vomit! She had a stomach bug, and we took her to the hospital that evening but I still associate Torihana as the restaurant that made Dragon sick! She really has no luck with Japanese food. Always allergic to something or get sick! ha!

Overall I thought it was ok, I am not sure if I would go back. Judging from ‘The Mother’s’ reaction to the ramen, doubt I would give it ago. The chicken karate wasn’t too bad though! Service was good, especially after we made all the mess! Sorry!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10


G/F, 1 Irving Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2808 0956

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