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Sushi Ketsu, Tin Hau, Hong Kong

There’s never a shortage of Japanese restaurant in Tin Hau. I thought I have tried all of them but obviously not. We originally wanted to have yakitori but with no reservations on a Saturday night, chances are very slim. So we went to Sushi Ketsu which is located on Tsing Fung Street in Tin Hau


The place was relatively busy for a Saturday night, all the restaurants that evening was full to be honest so we were grateful to have gotten a table without a reservation. I love Japanese food but am still very limited to what I can eat. ‘The Mother’ started with some king fish – unfortunately they weren’t as fresh as he had hoped. It was still icy cold he thought.


I ordered the beef with mushrooms for Dragon, unfortunately she didn’t really like this. I thought it was quite good and relatively healthy! I did ask for no sauce as I was afraid it would be some sort of seafood sauce.


‘The Mother’ ordered the sashimi bowl – different types of sashimi on top of a bed of rice. It looked pretty decent, but again ‘The Mother’ didn’t enjoy it. He thought the sashimi was not as fresh as it could be.


My cousin IR had the tempura which he enjoyed. I stole a couple of the vegetable tempura and batter was light and it wasn’t overly oily.


Poor Dragon refused to eat anything, and when I noticed another table ordering the chicken wings yakitori, I couldn’t help but order. 3 chicken wings, it was crispy, tender and oh so yummy. Unfortunately I only had a tiny piece, as Dragon ate all 3 of them.

Service was polite and the staff really knew the menu. It was a shame that ‘The Mother’ didn’t enjoy his food, however, IR and I thought the food wasn’t too bad. Definitely have had better, but it wasn’t too bad.

GA’s ratings: 6 / 10

Sushi Ketsu

G/F Tsing Fung Building

12 Tsin Fung Street

Tin Hau, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2887 2983

  1. grabyourfork
    November 13, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    Nawww I love that Dragon attacks chicken wings with gusto! And I’m not a fan of sashimi fish being served too cold either.

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