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Little Bao, Central, Hong Kong

I have wanted to go to Little Bao ever since I saw the famous fried bun sandwiched between green tea ice cream dripping with condensed milk on my instagram feed – my goodness! What’s not to like?!?!?


Located on Staunton Street, this place is TINY!! You can’t miss it, there will be a long queue outside and a cute ginormous neon face. We rocked up at about 6.45pm and was told there was a 30 mins wait. You could probably fit about 20 people in the restaurant, all bar stools (thank goodness I didn’t bring Dragon with me!) and the menu consists of small plates that are for sharing, along with seasonal specials and four types of boas – pork belly, chicken, fish tempura, and a vegetarian mushroom-centric option.


The gorgeous S was in town and I suggested this place and we both perused the menu and knew exactly what we wanted! We started with Mac and Cheese (HKD108). Oh my… the aroma of this dish, it was divine and we both couldn’t wait to dig in. What’s different about this mac and cheese is that May uses cheung fan (rice rolls) instead of macaroni and it was generously covered with a layer of mentaiko cheese sauce! we couldn’t stop eating this dish!


Next came the orange chicken (HKD98) which if fried chicken coated in salty egg yolk, honey glazed with orange zest. OH my… possibly my new favourite kind of fried chicken!


We could’t go past the signature pork belly bao (HKD78) – the pork belly was melt-in-your-mouth tender, I loved the red onion salad and the bun was one of the softest bun I have had in a long time.


May, the owner thought that this was probably enough for us, unfortunately our eyes were bigger than our stomach so we ordered the special bao which was orange chicken with slaw, cucumber and sauce was good but not as good as the pork belly one. By this stage we were both TOO full.


However, we couldn’t go past the Little Bao Ice cream sandwich (HKD48) – which is essentially green tea ice cream sandwiched between two deep fried boas and my goodness – pure brilliant! It was incredible and if I wasn’t too full, I am pretty sure I could have eaten one on my own! It was SO GOOD!


Service was quite quick and having May explain to you the menu was good. I really did enjoy my meal but I am not sure if I would wait 90 mins though. At about 7.30pm, I overheard that the wait could be up to 90 mins! That’s a long time. Thankfully you can leave your number and they will call you once the table is available.

It was so lovely catching up with S, I have indeed missed you!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10 (for the food not for the wait!)

Little Bao

G/F 66 Staunton Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2194 0202

  1. January 8, 2014 at 3:23 am

    Every single bao looks freakin epic!

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