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Jockey Club Moon Koon Restaurant, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

I’ve been to the Jockey Club in Happy Valley many times for events, especially on a Wednesday night when the races are on. It’s a fun way to gather with friends, eat and then place some bets on horses. Most of the time I lose, so it’s no fun but some friends do win which is great. I haven’t been to Moon Koon Restaurant which is located in the Jockey Club on the 2nd floor of Happy Valley Stand. The restaurant was quite spacious and the menu vast. We left all the ordering to my dear friend, the auditor and she definitely ordered well!

We started with these delicious pork belly – the skin was so crispy that it made a lovely ‘crunch’ sound and the pork belly itself was deliciously tender that it just melted in your mouth!


Next came the chicken liver – seriously sinful but seriously tasty. One each, even if i wanted another there were none!


We were so hungry that we ordered two different types of chicken – mind you both were half each. First being steam chicken with lots of condiments (shallots, ginger, onion) and it was SOO GOOD! The chicken incredibly tender and the condiments really gave it that extra flavouring. Even Dragon who is particularly fussy with condiments really enjoyed it.


Next the fried chicken – crispy skin, tender meat, it received a two thumbs up from Dragon.


My favourite dish would have to be the fatty pork belly with preserved vegetables. Cooked to perfection – the fatty pork, preserved vegetables, more please!


The fish in clay pot was good – slightly panfried the skin was crispy and fish was fresh and tasty.


We ordered a plate of vegetables which was also good. For dessert, we ordered a variety of things, mango pudding, and sago mango dessert. It was the perfect way to end for a good meal. Food I was pleasantly surprised (other restaurants at the Jockey Club I thought was so so) and service was good. Definitely want more of the fatty pork belly!

Reservations highly recommended, especially on Wednesday evening when the races are on!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Jockey Club Moon Koon Restaurant

2/F, Happy Valley Stand,

Happy Valley Racecourse,

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Ph: +852

  1. June 9, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Yum it all looks awesome! The chicken liver looks so tasty!

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