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Acme, Rushcutters Bay

I’ve heard and seen many photos of the famous baloney sandwich on my feed, as I am sure most of you have also! Acme is the new-ish kid on the block which can be found in Ruschutters Bay. Head by Chef Mitch Orr – ex 121BC, Duke Bistro. The menu is modern italian and food is designed to share – small plates and pasta.

We started with the rockemelon, prosciutto (AUD6) – two long juicy blocks of sweet rockmelon coated in a prosciutto crumb. I love the salt and sweet combo but my parents thought this was a little weird even though they have had rockmelon wrapped with prosciutto before.


Next the toast, spanner crab, mascarpone (AUD16) – this was a hit amongst the diners – crab pieces mixed with mascarpone cheese on a toasted sandwich. Even the table behind us ordered this instead of dessert!


The famous baloney sandwich (AUD8) – 2 per serving, I was never a big fan of baloney when growing up but this was oddly good! The small house-made white bread was fluffy and light and i loved tomato sauce that came with it. The sausage was thin and silky smooth that it melted in your mouth.


I have to say, I was slightly disappointed with the fettuccine, spring vegetables, black sesame (AUD16). I get the al dente concept but the pasta was definitely under cooked – it was rather hard and chewy. Shame, as the flavours were pretty good!


The lasagna, mushroom, sheep’s curd (AUD20) was another disappointment for us. Not only was the serving small, but the three sheet (size of a playing card) was SO undercooked that it was border line inedible. The mushrooms however, were cooked perfectly!


I was definitely looking forward to the macaroni, pigs head and egg yolk (AUD18) and it was definitely better than the first two! I loved the pig’s head brisket, which was slightly fried, and the fresh chilli gave it that extra flavouring, although I think more chilli would give it that extra kick!


The wholemeal bucatini, goat, nduja, olive (AUD22) was definitely a winner amongst the diners. The bucatini was slightly denser and thicker than norm, and i loved the goat ragu with spicy nduja.


Lastly malloreddus, prawn, old bae (AUD22) – my favourite type of pasta, as you can scoop the sauce with the pasta, this dish had lots of flavour and like the macaroni had a nice spicy kick to it!


I have to say though, I wasn’t blown away with any of the dishes. I have eaten at Duke before and really enjoyed it, and also at Buzo – the pasta there was definitely fantastic. I was expecting the same at Acme but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the same expectations. The first two pasta we ordered probably threw us off, and even though the last three pasta saved the dining experience, it was nothing to rave home about. It was missing something, some punch to the flavours, I have definitely had better pasta at Buzo (esp when Mitch was there). Service though was fantastic and friendly, maybe it was a bad night for us as I know a lot of people raved about this place, who knows.

Reservation is definitely recommended, the place was packed, and it has been packed since open night.

GA’s rating: 6 / 10

Acme Restaurant

56 Bayswater Road

Rushcutters Bay, 2011

Sydney, Australia

Ph: +61 2 8068 0932

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Nosh Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan, Hong Kon

I may have found a cafe that I really like in Hong Kong! Nosh Tai Ping Shan can be found on Upper Station Street just a block away from Upper Modern Bistro which is an up-and-coming area of Sheung Wan filling up with arts galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and cool little shops.


The place was busy when we rocked up on a Sunday – there were a few people already waiting in line. Thankfully after about a 15 mins wait we were seated by the window, higher seat but it didn’t bother ‘The Mother’, or myself. There was direct sun light which was nice – how I have missed sitting in the sun drinking coffee and eating my breakfast! I really like the menu here… on weekends, there have all day breakfast which i love! On weekdays there are separate breakfast and lunch menus. The lunch  menu changes frequently, and they have salad, sandwich and soup on offer as well.


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the Nosh Brunch (HKD140) – two poached eggs on sourdough, german sausages with spicy harissa, yogurt, roasted vine tomatoes, nosh potatoes and grilled portabello. Everything on the plate was fantastic, the bread were on a tiny side, but the potatoes definitely filled him up. I especially loved the portabello mushrooms.


I opt for fried eggs on toast with crispy prosciutto, avocado puree and mixed green salad (HKD90). You can’t see the avocado puree as it was spread on the tiny bread which is hidden underneath the HUGE fried eggs. This was also very tasty.


I have to say, I was rather impressed, I have only been once but I have to say that I am extremely excited to go back and try their other dishes. I noticed someone having the smoked salmon and lemon mascarpone on sourdough and it looked relish! Service was ok – there’s definitely room for improvement. There were a lot of confusion between the waitresses but food definitely worth going back for!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Nosh Tai Ping Shan

G/F, 11 Upper Sation Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2559 8508

Ravintola Juuri, Helsinki, Finland

Ravintola Juuri was on my must go to eat place in Helsinki. It specializes in ‘Sapas’ which are tapas. I was very excited to try their tapas, unfortunately we were there for lunch and there weren’t a lot of tapas on offer. It was Christmas and they had the special Christmas menu which consists of 3 tapas, a main and dessert.


There were a LOT of seafood on the menu, and since I am on a seafood band, the chef kindly made me a vegetarian one! We started with some bread – Dragon loves rye! I didn’t think she would be she couldn’t stop eating it.


‘The Mother’ started with Cured artic char root vegetable rosti and horseradish, escabeshe of herring with lingoberry mayonnaise and smoked fish pancake with sour cream and roe. I didn’t have any of this, when asked ‘which is your favourite’ his respond was ‘they were all nice’. I probably would have loved the cured artic char root vegetable with horseradish – I am such a sucker of horseradish.


I had the (left to right) 10 hour turnip with Swiss cheese and linen seed, broad bean patty a la lindstrom and pea crème and smoked egg cheese from raw milk, sea buckthorn and carrot. I really enjoyed the broad bean patty but I absolutely LOVED the smoked egg cheese from raw milk – it loved the cheese and the carrot a wonderful complement. Could have definitely eaten more of it!


For mains, ‘The Mother’ opt for Braised perch roll with smoked perch oven porridge and carrot butter sauce. It looked too pretty to eat. ‘The Mother’ thought the combination was interesting but he definitely enjoyed it. The carrot butter sauce was sweet but not over powering.


The Chef made me the mushroom fondant and opera sandwich on brioche a la Juuri, dark cep and onion course – OH MY! This was sensational, a highlight for me. Onion-bechamel-ish sauce oozed out gently and the brioche – my my… delicious!


For dessert, ‘The Mother’ had spiced waffle with cinnamon apple whipped porridge and ice cream. I really wanted this but unfortunately this had traces of nuts.


I had the blueberry sorbet, blueberry puree and sour cream whey and this was delicious and light. Even Dragon loved the blueberry sorbet and blueberry – pretty sure she had more than I!


I am SO glad that I got the vegetarian option. Most of the dishes I tried are on the menu so I was very happy about that. The mushroom fondant was definitely my favourite followed by the smoked egg cheese. Definitely glad I came.

Service was excellent, they were very accommodating with my allergies and did not bat an eye with Dragon running around! I have to say, going to a fine dining restaurant with Dragon is definitely a challenge. I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere as much as I was constantly running after Dragon or telling her to sit down, but the food was definitely fantastic! Definitely worth going if you are in Helsinki!

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Korkeavuorenkatu 27, 00130 Helsinki

Ph: +358 9 635732

Little Bao, Central, Hong Kong

I have wanted to go to Little Bao ever since I saw the famous fried bun sandwiched between green tea ice cream dripping with condensed milk on my instagram feed – my goodness! What’s not to like?!?!?


Located on Staunton Street, this place is TINY!! You can’t miss it, there will be a long queue outside and a cute ginormous neon face. We rocked up at about 6.45pm and was told there was a 30 mins wait. You could probably fit about 20 people in the restaurant, all bar stools (thank goodness I didn’t bring Dragon with me!) and the menu consists of small plates that are for sharing, along with seasonal specials and four types of boas – pork belly, chicken, fish tempura, and a vegetarian mushroom-centric option.


The gorgeous S was in town and I suggested this place and we both perused the menu and knew exactly what we wanted! We started with Mac and Cheese (HKD108). Oh my… the aroma of this dish, it was divine and we both couldn’t wait to dig in. What’s different about this mac and cheese is that May uses cheung fan (rice rolls) instead of macaroni and it was generously covered with a layer of mentaiko cheese sauce! we couldn’t stop eating this dish!


Next came the orange chicken (HKD98) which if fried chicken coated in salty egg yolk, honey glazed with orange zest. OH my… possibly my new favourite kind of fried chicken!


We could’t go past the signature pork belly bao (HKD78) – the pork belly was melt-in-your-mouth tender, I loved the red onion salad and the bun was one of the softest bun I have had in a long time.


May, the owner thought that this was probably enough for us, unfortunately our eyes were bigger than our stomach so we ordered the special bao which was orange chicken with slaw, cucumber and sauce was good but not as good as the pork belly one. By this stage we were both TOO full.


However, we couldn’t go past the Little Bao Ice cream sandwich (HKD48) – which is essentially green tea ice cream sandwiched between two deep fried boas and my goodness – pure brilliant! It was incredible and if I wasn’t too full, I am pretty sure I could have eaten one on my own! It was SO GOOD!


Service was quite quick and having May explain to you the menu was good. I really did enjoy my meal but I am not sure if I would wait 90 mins though. At about 7.30pm, I overheard that the wait could be up to 90 mins! That’s a long time. Thankfully you can leave your number and they will call you once the table is available.

It was so lovely catching up with S, I have indeed missed you!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10 (for the food not for the wait!)

Little Bao

G/F 66 Staunton Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2194 0202

Three Williams, Redfern, Sydney

Hello from Prague! Sorry for the lack of post. We are on a family holiday in Helsinki and Prague. I have never been to either countries so am very excited to be here! ‘The Mother’ went on a boys trip – the trip of their life – dog sledding and absolutely loved it! Hopefully he will be a guest post and he can share with you all about his trip and adventures.

P1260511 P1260521 P1260522

Anyway, more on Helsinki and Prague later on. On my recent trip to Sydney, I was catching up with my favourite uncle, thesuzchef, M and ramenraff and thesuzchef suggested Three Williams and what an awesome suggestion it was! There has been a lot of vibe about this place and believe it! I love this cafe, the space!!! the food and of course the kids corner where kids can draw and play.


The menu is pretty awesome too, I couldn’t go past the Narnie – a sandwich  made from naan bread and opt for the beef brisket. The beef was outstanding, melt in your mouth tender and full of flavour. Even Dragon couldn’t help but have some – actually i am pretty sure she had one large slab! The slaw was a wonderful complement – it definitely wouldn’t have minded another.


Ramenraff and uncle couldn’t go past the bacon and egg roll – look at that egg!!!!


Thesuzchef and E had the french toast with nuts, blueberry and yogurt. This looked fantastic and my diners companions said it was superb. Unfortunately i couldn’t try any as there were LOTS OF NUTS!


M had the avocado with beans on toast with a slab of hash brown! I had some of the avocado and it was fresh, creamy and oh so wonderful.


There’s so much love about this place and i can see why! I fell in love with this cafe also. The chips – which we ordered first and did not take a picture off was outstanding! Crispy and moist and it was so hard to stop at one.

We also had some soda water, pineapple juice and mint and my goodness it was refreshing and delicious – definitely perfect for summer! Service was friendly and polite and did i mention how much I love the space?!?!?!?

Thanks for organizing S, have really missed you guys!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Three Williams

613a Elizabeth St

Redfern, 2016

Ph: +61 2 9698 1111

Three Williams on Urbanspoon