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Two Two Fried Chicken, Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea

When I was searching for places to eat in Seoul, the first thing I googled was Fried Chicken – I have missed good KFC – Korean Fried Chicken, especially those in Sydney. I have yet to find one in Hong Kong so this was priority!

Two Two Fried Chicken is located in the shopping central of Korea, Myeondong. It has over 500 outlets in Korea alone. The menu is simple – fried chicken and lots of it! The menu is in English also, so easy to read with colourful pictures! There are other dishes on offer, but we were here for one thing only – FRIED CHICKEN!


Between the 5 of us, we ordered THREE servings of fried chicken – overkill much? But it was necessary and I can’t tell you when the last time I had KFC! Started with the original – it was excellent, crispy skin and the meat was tender. Dragon absolutely loved it – I lost count how many fried chicken she ate, she just kept asking for more.


We also ordered half plain and half smothered in sweet and spicy sauce. The sweet and spicy sauce was a little too sweet for my liking, and believe it or not too spicy for me? Not sure what is going on with my taste buds!!!


We also ordered a serving of the garlic fried chicken – the garlic flavour was strong, even the next day when I ate it. The skin wasn’t as crispy though but the meat was still seriously tender.


Overall, I still prefer the normal fried chicken – like any other places the normal fried chicken is always the best. Service minimal but fried chicken was good!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Two Two Fried Chicken

6-4 Namsadong 2(i)-Ga

Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Ph: +86 2 2275 2297

Red Pepper, Strathfield, Sydney

I have yet to find a place where I can get KFC that is Korean Fried Chicken in Hong Kong. Hence my visit to Sydney is crucial when consuming KFC! I have heard wonderful things about Red Pepper, which can be located in Strathfield in a sports club! Who would have thought that you could get KFC in a sports club?

We rocked up on a Sunday evening and the place was busy! Only one table left inside which we took. We were here for one thing only, that is to consume KFC! Started with some banchan – complimentary side dishes which consist of kimchee, sautéed vegetables, pickles and mung bean sprouts. We couldn’t resist but ask for more kimchee!



There are about 10 different KFCs to choose from! We started with pork bulgogi which came out in a hot stone plate. It was tender and spicy.


I wanted to try one of each of the KFC but I knew my eyes were bigger than my stomach! Thankfully diners can order half or full, so we decided to order 3 different types of KFC all halves!

Started with hot and spicy ganjung – oh my – this was seriously spicy and the burn lingers! It was quite sweet for my liking but the chicken was tender and as much as it was hurting, it was delicious.


We also tried the soy sauce fried chicken was very similar to the hot and spicy minus the kick. It was still quite tasty I thought and I must admit, I prefer this over the hot and spicy.


However, what I have been waiting for has been the spring onion fried chicken. Oh my goodness, how I love fried chicken! It wasn’t as crunchy as NaruOne but it was still good! Crunchy and finger licking good! We definitely should have ordered a whole instead of half!


Service was minimal but food was tasty. Definitely will be back to try their other fried chicken. Strathfield has changed a lot since my school days. There are so many different restaurants to try! Definitely a suburb I must explore more when I am back.

Oh how I am craving KFC right now – my Hong Kong readers – where can I get KFC in Hong Kong?

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Red Pepper

Strathfield Recreation Club

4a Lyons St

Strathfield 2135

Red Pepper on Urbanspoon