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Nosh Tai Ping Shan, Sheung Wan, Hong Kon

I may have found a cafe that I really like in Hong Kong! Nosh Tai Ping Shan can be found on Upper Station Street just a block away from Upper Modern Bistro which is an up-and-coming area of Sheung Wan filling up with arts galleries, coffee shops, restaurants and cool little shops.


The place was busy when we rocked up on a Sunday – there were a few people already waiting in line. Thankfully after about a 15 mins wait we were seated by the window, higher seat but it didn’t bother ‘The Mother’, or myself. There was direct sun light which was nice – how I have missed sitting in the sun drinking coffee and eating my breakfast! I really like the menu here… on weekends, there have all day breakfast which i love! On weekdays there are separate breakfast and lunch menus. The lunch  menu changes frequently, and they have salad, sandwich and soup on offer as well.


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the Nosh Brunch (HKD140) – two poached eggs on sourdough, german sausages with spicy harissa, yogurt, roasted vine tomatoes, nosh potatoes and grilled portabello. Everything on the plate was fantastic, the bread were on a tiny side, but the potatoes definitely filled him up. I especially loved the portabello mushrooms.


I opt for fried eggs on toast with crispy prosciutto, avocado puree and mixed green salad (HKD90). You can’t see the avocado puree as it was spread on the tiny bread which is hidden underneath the HUGE fried eggs. This was also very tasty.


I have to say, I was rather impressed, I have only been once but I have to say that I am extremely excited to go back and try their other dishes. I noticed someone having the smoked salmon and lemon mascarpone on sourdough and it looked relish! Service was ok – there’s definitely room for improvement. There were a lot of confusion between the waitresses but food definitely worth going back for!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Nosh Tai Ping Shan

G/F, 11 Upper Sation Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2559 8508

Upper Modern Bistro, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

There’s been a lot of talk about Upper Modern Bistro and trying to make a reservation at this restaurant has been painful! It’s always fully booked which i guess is a good sign. I have missed my eating partner in crime, thesuzchef, so when she was in Hong Kong, I made sure I utilised her time and ‘dragged’ her to all the new restaurants in Hong Kong that I have been dying to try! I made reservations for lunch on a weekday and was extremely grateful that they had a table for us!  Philippe Orrico is the chef behind Upper Modern Bistro – he’s worked in restaurants such as Pierre at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong as well as St George at Hullett House in Hong Kong. Food I have to say was great and service was efficient.


For lunch, diners had the option of a set lunch or a la carte. Both S and I opt for the set lunch – soup or salad with main and dessert. We started with some foccaccia which Dragon demolished – she was extremely hungry and this girl does not wait for food!


S opt for the salad which I have to say was a little disappointing – we weren’t expecting something fancy but this was quite dull to say the least.


I opt for the daily soup which was pumpkin soup – poured on the table.


The pumpkin soup was a little watery for my liking – I really like my soup a little thicker. The flavours were right, just it lacked a little thickness.


For mains, S opt for the mushroom tagliatelle, 63 degrees eggs, parmesan cheese sauce. It looked absolutely fantastic – perfect egg, and mixed together with pasta and parmesan cheese, it was excellent. At first, S thought it was a tiny serving but it was definitely filling.


I was originally going to go for the steak but milk fed veal head caught my attention. Cooked with white beans, mustard and truffle – I couldn’t say no. The veal head was incredible tender, the collagen and fatty bits were divine. It was very comforting and perfect for winter. The white beans were a wonderful addition. Even Dragon had a few mouthfuls of the veal head.


The lychee sorbet was refreshing light and the perfect way to end the meal. Mind you – I didn’t have much of it as Dragon took over and ate all of it by herself!


We were tempted to order another dessert, the upper chocolate from memory, however, it contained nuts and the revised version sans nuts weren’t that exciting so we decided not too. I am definitely keen to come back for dinner, the a la carte menu sounds exciting and the desserts sounds great also.

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

Upper Modern Bistro

6-14 Upper Station Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2517 0977

Siu Lam Kung, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Siu Lam Kung can be found in Sheung Wan. I am on the hunt for the best suckling pig on Hong Kong island. I know there are a few places on Kowloon side but have not ventured that way yet. We were here for a family gathering, the menu is pretty extensive and had every single dish you can think off! However, we were here for one thing, the suckling pig and the penguin chicken. The two dishes we had to order in advance.


We started with the peppered pork belly soup – this was surprisingly tasty, full of flavours and not to mention the yummy pork belly, as well as chicken feet. I know chicken feet are not everyone’s cup of tea but it was soft and tender. It had a really nice spicy kick to it.


The dish of the evening was the suckling pig, we only got half serve as we could never finish one! It was still a relatively large serving and the pig was absolutely delicious! Thin, crispy and crunchy skin, and the pork was deliciously tender that I couldn’t stop eating it and in hindsight should have ordered a whole pig!

SLK_pork3 (2)

The penguin chicken is not something I have seen before. Apparently they roast the chicken vertically like roast ducks and it is one of the more popular dish at the restaurant. The skin was crispy and the meat juicy and tender.


We also ordered the peppered beef which was excellent. The beef again was melt-in-your-mouth tender.


The braised tofu, mushroom and vegetables were also good.


Overall I thought all the dishes were good, I really enjoyed the suckling pig! It’s definitely time to eat another suckling pig, where is your favourite suckling pig place?

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Siu Lam Kung

1/F, Alliance Building,

133 Connaught Road Central,

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2511 5566

208 Duecento Otto, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

I have wanted to come to 208 Duecento Otto (“208”) for a while now. I had originally wanted to come here for my birthday, unfortunately they were closed or doing renovations so couldn’t go. We came here after Dragon’s swimming lesson, I was sick of eating around Kennedy Town and wanted to try something new and different.

208 can be found on the busy road of Hollywood Road in Sheung wan. The Restaurant has a very New-York feel to it – bar downstairs and restaurant upstairs. Yenn Wong is behind this fine establishment, she is also the founder of the Causeway Bay boutique hotel Jia and the restaurant, Drawing Room. I myself have not been to the hotel Jia but I have had many friends and co-workers stay there. I have heard the restaurant is not too shabby either.


208 was relatively empty when we rocked up at 2pm-ish. The brunch menu looked good – lots of egg items on the menu as well as pasta and pizza. ‘The Mother’ wanted to share a pizza and pasta but I really had my eye on something else and didn’t want either of his suggestions! I couldn’t go past the Funky Monkey (HKD60) – seeded banana frappe. It was deliciously refreshing and not too milky – perfect for a hot day.


‘The Mother’ wanted the pappardelle Wagyu Bolognese (HKD 198) with 24-month aged parmesan. The pasta was cooked al dente – it was a relatively small serving. The mother devoured this within seconds, even before I started my meal!


I opt for steak and egg (HKD 198) – skirt steak, fried egg, vine roasted cherry tomates, patate peperonata and fett’unta. OH MY! The steak was thin but was cooked just the way I liked it. I was craving steak and this totally hit the spot. The cherry tomatoes and potatoes were a nice addition.


We were both still hungry and thought we would get 3 choices of gelato (HKD 78) – coffee, chocolate and blackberry. I really enjoyed the blackberry and would happily have three scoops of it.


Service was good but it was quite and it wasn’t a Friday or Saturday evening. Would definitely like to go back and try their pasta / pizza – it did look very good. No doubt we will be back, even if it’s for the steak and eggs!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

208 Duecento Otto

208 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2549 0208

Blue Butcher, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Blue Butcher has been around for a while now but it was only recently that I dined there. Blue Butcher can be found in the middle between the Press Room and Classifieds, and I love the dim lighting, and atmosphere. The design of the restaurant reminds me a little of New York restaurants and the food I have to say was fantastic.


We started with the Spanish ham and egg / asparagus / mushroom / thyme (HKD 125) and oh my, this was outstanding. I couldn’t get enough of the ham and egg combination, the oozy egg, YUM!


I insisted that we ordered the bone marrow / toast / caper berries / parsley / salt flakes (HKD 125). We ordered two servings of this, as there were a few of us and one was simply not enough. The bone marrow was deliciously rich, and served with coarse salt flakes was equally outstanding, probably better than the Spanish ham. I would be happy eating this day in and day out.


We thought we would share a couple of dishes, started with the rare breed US kurobuta pig belly and cheek / lentils / granny smith apple slaw (HKD 250). The pig belly was melt in your mouth tender, and the granny smith apple slaw was a wonderful complement. It was truly hard not to eat more than one mouthful!

TBB_pork (2)

The Dutch veal cheeks and sweetbreads / truffled orzo / herd salad (HKD 460) was surprisingly tasty. My least favourite of the evening though, but still better than I had anticipated.


My favourite was definitely the Australian mann river farm wagyu bone in rib eye 32oz / crisp Yukon gold wedges (HKD 1480) – OMG is all I can say. Seriously tender, seriously delicious and seriously scrumptious! It was cooked to absolute perfection – medium rare and just the way we all liked it!


The potato gratin was deliciously creamy and sinful.


Not to mention the crispy thin fries.


Unfortunately we were all stuffed to the brim and did not order any dessert. I think I ate the most beef! I couldn’t stop – it was seriously good and could be the fact that I was low in iron and craving beef!


Service was good until one of the waiter’s spilt wax on my friend. I don’t think he was highly impressed, his suit ruined. They didn’t offer to pay for dry cleaning but they did give us drinks on the house which was nice of them.

I really would like to go back for that beef and bone marrow– getting hungry all over again!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Blue Butcher

108 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2613 9286

Trattoria Doppio Zero, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Another birthday celebration! ‘The Mother’ wanted to take me out for dinner for my birthday, he wanted Italian and Trattoria Doppio Zero came up whilst doing g a little bit of research. It is an Italian restaurant which is located on Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan. It was quite dark when we went, and I couldn’t really see the interior, however, I did some lovely stone wall finishing and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. We were lucky to get our own booth, at first we thought we were going to share a table, but was very pleasantly surprised when they gave us a booth.


I had perused the menu quite intensively and I have seen photos and knew exactly what I wanted! We started with some bread, it wasn’t warm or toasted. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar was a wonderful complement.


We couldn’t go past the fried prosciutto balls – ricotta / mozzarella / pecorino / honeydew melon sauce (HKD75). Four fried prosciutto balls which had a nice crunchy exterior and soft and moist on the inside. The prosciutto balls were addictive, the cheese and honeydew melon sauce was subtle and slightly sweet which was amazingly tasty!


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the Tagliatelle – classic Bolognese sauce, parmigiano and nutmeg (HKD160). The Bolognese sauce was natural in colour, and the nutmeg gave the pasta a lovely kick. It was different to other Bolognese sauce I have seen, but this is apparently the typical Bolognese sauce. ‘The Mother’ really enjoyed it.


I couldn’t go past the grilled USDA prime ribeye (10oz) – bone marrow, anchovy and garlic butter and gremolata (HKD385) – OMG!!! The steak is cooked medium rare and it was incredibly tender. The bone marrow – WOW! It was amazingly good and I could have definitely eaten another one on my own!


‘The Mother’ couldn’t go past the grilled yellow fin tuna – roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes and basil (HKD300). I didn’t have any of this but he seemed to have enjoyed it.


For dessert, I couldn’t go past the coconut pandan panna cotta – the coconut was subtle but the panna cotta was deliciously smooth and had the right amount of sweetness! YUM!


Service was excellent and food – especially bone marrow was phenomenal! But I am a sucker for bone marrow and can eat it day in and day out! Really enjoyed my meal here and will definitely be back to eat the bone marrow again. To say I ate well during my birthday is an understatement and still trying to lose the extra kg that I put from Christmas AND birthday!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Trattoria Doppio Zero

G/F, The Pemberton,

22 Bonham Strand

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2851 0682

Cafe Nirvana, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

There’s never a shortage of places to eat in Hong Kong, especially in Central and Sheung Wan – it’s a blessing and a curse that I have started writing them on a board so whenever we want to head out for lunch, we can just refer to this wonderful restaurant board.

Café Nirvana can be found in Sheung Wan, it is actually more of a bar than a café. The menu consists of both Chinese and Western, hence the mix clientele. The set lunches are great value for money – it is consistently busy every time I walk past. The problem (or not) with most cafés and restaurants and the great value set lunches is that they offer two or three courses. I was used to eating just a salad or soup for lunch and now, two sets? This is the reason why Hong Kong makes me fat – there are just SO MUCH good food! I could go for just one you ask? But it’s the value for money that I can’t go past!

Café Nirvana offers diners two sets – soup or salad and a main which ranges from steak, to chicken to pasta, to different types of Chinese cuisine. The leek and potato soup was creamy – a little on the heavy side but the serving was just right.

The minestrone soup was ‘alright’ according to C – he has had better.

I was craving beef so opt for the New Zealand Beef which was served with vegetables and either rice or potato. The beef was surprisingly tender and cooked the way I like it – medium rare!

C had the salmon with mash and vegetables with the sauce on the side. Surprisingly the salmon was cooked perfectly – I am always a little skeptical about ordering salmon – most places over cook it.

With our set menu, drinks were also included. From memory, cost for lunch was less than HKD100. It wasn’t too bad, service was friendly and food came relatively quickly. Try and come early to beat the lunch time rush. Would definitely be keen to come back and try their other menu.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Café Nirvana

G/F, 65 Wing Lok Street

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2545 2588