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Xiamen Day 2: Gulangyu Island and Lotus Court at Marco Polo Hotel

Gulangyu Island is a car-free island off the coast of Xiamen and is a must visit! You can go there by ferry from Xiamen Island in about 5 – 10 minutes. It is renowned for its beaches and winding lanes and its varied architecture. It is also known as Piano Island, as there are over 200 pianos on the island !The island is very pretty, very scenic and had beautiful architecture. What I loved most about it is the street foods – there were so many shops that I didn’t know where to start or should I say where to stop? I wanted to eat everything and believe me, I tried but my stomach really couldn’t take it.


‘The Mother’ and his cricket team played cricket here on Saturday, and my dear friend and I, M, roamed around the island eating whilst they were playing. We came back again the next day as ‘The Mother’ wanted to walk around and I wanted to do more shopping!

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of the boat we went on, as Dragon was asleep and I had my arms around her to protect her from all the pushing and shoving from the people trying to get on the boat! I don’t know why they insisted on going on that particular boat as the boat comes every 10 – 15 minutes! Needless to say, the first time was not a very enjoyable boat ride but the next day was a lot better.

M had these fish balls which had pork inside – I was so sad that I couldn’t have any! Am cutting out all seafood at the moment and these look fantastic! She had it again the next day! Even ‘The Mother’ who is not usually a fan of fish balls really enjoyed these!


More fish balls drowned in chili sauce / soup.


I was really curious about these egg custard things, but didn’t try any as I wanted to have something savoury and by the time I was ready for dessert I was too full!


Cute little biscuits packaging shop.


Oyster omelette!!! There were so many people making these on the island. The island is quite famous for their seafood but we didn’t have any that day. M and I just wanted to eat street food snacks which we did!


These xiao long bau were my favourite, 5 for like 5RMB which is less than a dollar! Seriously tasty!


Stinky tofu – YUM! Obviously the stinkier the better! ha!


And dessert – mango with sago, tapioca and pearl balls – a little on the sweet side but quite refreshing.


That evening, the boys went to an all you can eat curry place. However, I wasn’t up for curry and wanted Chinese food. So M and I ate the Chinese restaurant in the Marco Polo Hotel for dinner called lotus court. We could have eaten outside on the side street but with Dragon it was a little hard. She was already restless at the restaurant, I can’t imagine if we went to a street stall!


We started with the cold meat platter, however the meat weren’t cold and were warm. The tripe and pork were deliciously tender. You can’t see it from the picture but underneath all the mountain of meat were soft, silken tofu.


The vegetables were nice but nothing to rave about.


The chicken and ginger soup was full of flavours.


The dish of the night would have to be the braised pork belly! It was incredibly tender, incredibly fatty and incredibly sinful but scrumptiously good!


Service was quick and efficient and definitely friendly. The food was good and everything else on the menu looked good. Definitely worth coming back.

Deliciously full, I went back to the room, put Dragon to sleep and had a date with candy crush! It was a good day of eating, and believe me, day 3 was no different!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Lotus Court

Marco Polo Hotel

8 Jianye Road, Hubin Bei,

Xiamen 361012, Fujian, China

Ph: +86 (592) 509 1888