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Crystal Jade, Melbourne

We were roaming around Chinatown Melbourne, I had originally wanted to go to HuTong Dumpling but they were fully booked and couldn’t fit the five of us. Starved, we thought we would go for yum cha, it certainly has been a very long time since I had yum cha. My brother saw Crystal Jade and thought we should give it ago. Unfortunately, it is not the same Crystal Jade Group that we see in Singapore or Hong Kong. Its just the same name and can be found on little Bourke Street.

I was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to fit all of us, the restaurant looked tiny from the entrance, but it was surprisingly big. We sat at one end of the corner though, which wasn’t the best ‘traffic’ for yum cha trolleys. However, I was wrong, and we had lots of trolleys coming and ordered all sorts of food.

We started with har gao, two servings as there were only three in each basket! Sio may, again two servings, xiao long bao and spinach dumplings. The har gaos were excellent, thin pastry with large chunks of prawns. The sio may and spinach dumplings were juicy and tender. Unfortunately, the xio long bao weren’t great. It wasn’t juicy and wasn’t your typical xiao long bao. It was meaty and that was pretty much it.

We couldn’t help but order the pork ribs, braised tripes, beef tendon, which were all relatively generous serving. The pork ribs were seriously succulent and the beef tripes and tendon were so tender it just melted in my mouth.

The fried prawn dumplings, pan fried dumplings, were wonderful, however the sweet bbq fried dumplings were a little ordinary, so were the yam fried dumplings which was a little disappointing.

The bill came to $100 for the five of us, and we were stuffed. There were absolutely no room for dessert. The service was good and friendly. Stuffed, we continued shopping and walked off the wonderful yum cha goodness we just consumed. Compared to the yum cha in Sydney, this was pretty good, but my favourite is still Marigold. Definitely keen to try the new restaurant Eight.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

F’s ratings: 7 / 10

154 Little Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC, 3000

Ph: +61 3 9639 263

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