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Singapore Shiok, Haymarket

I have eaten at Eating World food court in Chinatown many times now and have walked straight past Shiok to go to either Gumshara, or Kimama Kitchen. Usually, ‘The Mother’s’ theory is to find the busiest place and go there. Everytime we have walked past Shiok, it has been relatively quiet, hence the walkby.

Shiok offers diners an ‘authentic’ taste of Singaporean / Malaysian style hawker food and the most talked about dish is their Hainan Chicken!

I have heard wonderful things about the Hainese chicken rice. It is available as a single meal ($8.80), as half chicken ($16.80) or whole chicken ($28.80).

The poached chicken is incredibly tender and delicate. The chicken is de-boned so it is easier to eat. The chicken is served with chilli and sweet soy sauce, not how I like to eat my hainan chicken, I do prefer it with crushed ginger and chili.

The rice, cooked in chicken stock is extremely fragrant and full of flavour. It was hard not to demolish the whole thing on a cold night. The soup, however, was too peppery and had too much MSG for my liking.

‘The Mother’ opted for the kwetiau siram. Kwetiau meaning rice noodles and siram pour because the sauce is poured on top of the fried noodles just before serving.

‘The Mother’ opted for the seafood kwetiau and I love the wok aroma. The seafood was fresh and the kwetiau cooked just the way we like it. The sauce I loved!

The Hainan chicken is probably one of the nicest I have tried in Sydney, however, I still do prefer Mum’s. It’s been a while since I went to Temasek so to make a comparison would not be fair.

I have also heard that the hor fun, char kway teow and har mee are worth trying. No doubt I will be back to try their other dishes. Get there early, the food court does get extremely busy during lunch and dinner peak hours.

After dinner, we braved the cold (thankfully, it didn’t rain!) and walked to circular quay to check out Vivid Sydney 2011. Here are a couple of photos….

Vivid Sydney started on 27th May and ended on 13th June 2011. The Sydney Opera House sails and the custom house were lit with bright colours, and there were performances from local and international musicians and free outdoor exhibition of interactive light sculptures. Looking forward to Vivid Sydney next year!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Singapore Shiok

Shop 213, 25-29 Dixon St

Haymarket 2000

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Abell’s Kopi Tiam, Manuka

Not to be confused with the Kopitiam Cafe in Ultimo Sydney. A couple of friends at work have recommended that I come here for dinner. I was supposed to be heading home to Sydney, however, due to ‘unexpected maintenance’, my flight was cancelled and hence another night in Canberra. I didn’t feel like anything too fancy, and was exhausted so thought I would give Kopi Tiam ago.

Located in Manuka, Abell’s Kopi Tiam (coffee shop in Malay) serves different type of Asian food, ranging from Indonesian to Malaysian, Singaporean and Nyonya food. I thought it was a tad weird that they also had Western food and did not even look what was on offer. The Indonesian dishes were more appealing as I was craving for it.

It is so much harder to eat alone when ordering Asian food. You want variety but afraid you won’t be able to finish everything. I started with the grilled chicken satay with cucumber pineapple with peanut sauce ($12.90). Four skewers of grilled chicken, the meat was a tender, however, on the thin side. It didn’t have that wonderful barbeque aroma that I had hoped it had. The peanut sauce was exceptionally good, peanut-y, not so creamy with a hint of chilli.

It has been a while since I had dinner at Mum’s and was craving Indonesian food. Ordered the bali chicken simmered in a tamarind and coconut cream curry sauce with aubergine and French beans ($19.90). For some strange reason I had thought this was going to be fried, however, it was poached chicken in a pool of tamarind and coconut curry sauce. The sauce was rich, coconut-y and spicy which I loved. The chicken, tender and the aubergine was a wonderful complement. I am not usually a fan of coconut curry sauce but this was nice, the coconut was not overpowering and it was very Indonesian and very Balinese – I have had something similar like this in Bali and loved it.

I didn’t want rice, so the lady suggested I get some roti – YUM! Two generous fluffy and pillow-y roti. It was no mamak, but it certainly satisfied the cravings and eaten with the tamarind sauce, it was scrumptiously good.

For dessert, I wanted the pisang goreng (banana fritters) but they weren’t making them due to the high cost of bananas. One of the owners (I think) did say that he was happy to make me some provided I bring my own bananas! I may have to take his offer on that and bring some next time.

The owner and chef is from Malaysia, Abell Ong. I spoke to one of the owners briefly, the place was BUSY, the service helpful and friendly, they knew their product which was good. The wine list is extensive and lots to choose from by the glass. Meals are to be shared of course and reservation is highly recommended. It was a very yummy meal and it satisfied my Indonesian cravings, although, I can really do with some more.

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Abell’s Kopi Tiam

Shop 7 Furneaux St

Manuka 2603

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Sh!ok… quite ‘sh!ocking’

I have been craving for some Indonesian / Singaporean / Malaysian food lately, and I have realized that ‘good’ Indonesian / Singaporean / Malaysian food is hard to find in Hong Kong. I have yet to find a ‘good’ and ‘authentic’ Indonesian restaurant and when I saw Sh!ok – which is supposedly Singaporean / Malaysian cuisine, I was keen to try it. I have walked past this place a couple of times, and have heard mix reviews about it – some good and some bad. So called the ‘crew’ to see if they were keen.

I started off with teh tarik, served in a huge jam like jar with handles. The teh tarik was milky and very different to the teh tarik from Malaysia. It wasn’t as sweet as they didn’t use condensed milk. I quite like it, however, S thought it was a little tasteless and had to add more sugar!

We thought we would share a couple of dishes, so started off with the gado-gado. I am not sure why I keep ordering gado-gado whenever I see it on the menu. I have been disappointed time after time, and in this case it was no exception. The gado-gado was disappointing, and even though I didn’t expect much, I was still disappointed. It was worse than I expected! None of the veggies where blanched, it was hard and raw and it had pineapple! I love pineapple but I have never seen anyone serve gado-gado with a pineapple! It was just too weird! The sauce was bland and tasteless.

Beef rendang was surprisingly ok. The beef was tender, however, still not as great as mum’s though.

Next came the chicken satay. The chicken was not tender or succulent, it was a little hard for my liking. Unfortunately the satay sauce was similar to that of gado-gado – bland and tasteless.

I love a good nasi lemak. The nasi lemak which consisted of fried chicken, sambal (chili), anchovies, fish and fried egg was also disappointing. The fried chicken was dry and hard. The good things about the nasi lemak were the fried egg, sambal and anchovies, which you can’t really get wrong!

We ordered a serve of the mie goreng – this was ok, but still not great. I thought it was a little tasteless – I guess you can’t compare it to those hawkers mie goreng (in either Singapore, Indonesia or Malaysia) – lots of oil and msg and full of flavour!

S ordered the prawn laksa. I didn’t have any of this, but S said that it wasn’t great. The soup was heavy and noodles soaked up all the soup. It didn’t look appetizing at all, and it wasn’t!

Sh!ok was seriously ‘sh!oking’. It was seriously below par. The beef rendang was ok, but even that wasn’t fantastic. It was such a disappointing lunch. I may have to visit Singapore / Malaysia for the authentic food. I am going back to Indonesia soon, so am looking forward to stuffing my face with Indonesian goodness!

GA’s rating:  4.5 / 10


G/F, 66 Peel Street

Central, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2899 2001