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Wilbur’s Place, Potts Point

I have wanted to try this place for a while now. The team behind Bourke Street Bakery has a new spin-off, Wilbur’s Place in Potts Point. It’s a small eatery, twenty or so seats, its friendly, and focuses on quality seasonal food. You can dine-in or take away and on this glorious Friday, we decided to dine-in. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations, so come before peak hour and you are bound to get a table.

I was catching up with the lovely D, Wilbur’s place is tucked away in the busy Llankelly place, where room 10 and LL wine and Dine are also situated. They serve all day breakfast, which is a bonus my stomach could not go past  past the suckling pig roll with pickles and dill mayo ($10).

OH MY GOD! Undoubtedly one of the best suckling pig roll I have had. The pork was incredibly tender, the pickles and dill mayo a perfect combination. My only gripe would be that there weren’t enough crackle but the pork…. OMG! It was so good that I don’t think I even stopped to put it down. I just ate and ate and ate! Sorry D! I was way too engrossed in my pork roll. Pity this is not walking distance as I would happily eat this every day!

D on the other hand, opt for the suckling pig plate with white beans and cabbage salad ($14) which was served with sourdough. The cabbage salad and beans looked lovely, the suckling pig also looked tender and delicious. D said it was pretty good for what it is. I think my suckling pig roll wins hands down! Oh my…

Dinner menu changes from time to time, the menu displayed on the website looks pretty good and I am definitely keen to try but how can I resist a suckling pork roll?

Didn’t have the coffee, but D said it was good. Can’t wait to start drinking coffee again.

I was tempted to have the toasted brioche ice cream sandwich with caramel but was in a suckling pig coma and could not fit anything else. In the meantime, if you are in the area, go grab yourself a suckling pig roll – you won’t be disappointed. Not open on Mondays but no doubt I will be back sometimes this week!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Wilbur’s Place

34 Llankelly Place

Potts Point, 2011

Ph: +61 2 9332 2999

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Dude Food Deg at Lotus, Potts Point

I can’t believe the month of October is almost over. I have been looking forward to going to Dan Hong’s ‘Dude Food Deg’ since I saw it on the Crave event. It was supposed to be a one-off event, five course degustation of junk food ($70 pp, extra $50pp for matching drinks), but it was sold out so quickly that they decided to add two more, which was also sold out! I have always enjoyed Dan’s inspiration so knew I was in for a treat.

We started with the cheeseburger ‘spring roll’ and empanada ‘doner kebab’. Oh my goodness, the spring roll really tasted like a McDonalds cheeseburger, including the pickle, mustard, tomato without the bun but the pastry. It was absolutely delicious and could have definitely eaten a dozen on my own.

Like the spring roll, the empanada did taste like a doner kebab. I remember many drinking nights ending with a doner kebab, but it wasn’t quite the same, it was missing some sort of sauce, chili and barbecue. It was good but my favourite would have to be the spring roll.

Next, Indomie with fried quail egg, deep fried essays and ‘pulled buffalo wing’ sauce. I grew up on Indomie, it’s a dish I know quite well and love. Definitely one of my favourite, it had lots of flavour, the buffalo wing sauce really gave it a nice kick, and the fried eschallots really gave it that extra crunch and flavour. (I did ask my fried egg to be cooked longer, other diners had their yolk oozy)

I really enjoyed the pepperoni pizza with napoletana consomme. It was definitely different. I love wontons, usually filled with pork mince and vegetables, but these ‘wontons’ were filled with cheesy pepperoni pizza. The consomme was very similar to the tomato base of a pizza, it was so delicate and tasty.

Tasting of hotdogs – corndog, chicago style hotdog, foie gras and truffle hotdog. Definitely a fun idea.

The corndog was lightly battered, it was simple but yet tasty. It had the right amount of batter to sausage, and topped with mustard and tomato sauce, it was delicious.

The chicago style hotdog of Frankfurt style sausage, tomato, pickle and mustard was simple and possibly my favourite out of the three. Could have easily polished another two or three.

The foie gras and truffle hotdog was probably the craziest, A generous chunk of foie gras and drizzled with truffle oil. I opt for no foie gras, I know, call me crazy but I just didn’t want it. There were mixed reactions, some loved it and some thought it was crazily sweet!

And if you thought the above was crazy, dessert was donut ice-cream with candied bacon, banana fritter, pretzel praline, peanut butter and raspberry jam. Three words – OH MY GOD! Candied bacon! A guy from another restaurant, who happened to be sitting near me was in awe about this candied bacon. He couldn’t believe it was on the plate, I did offer him some but he politely declined!

The banana fritter was wrapped in kunefe, it was incredibly light and possibly my favourite. The donut ice cream, rich and delightful and eaten with the candied bacon, pretzel praline and peanut butter was just calorific but excellent. I thought my heart stopped for a mini heart attack! I have to admit though, I couldn’t finish the dessert, I was full and it was a tad rich but fantastic!

It was definitely a fun event! I can’t remember the last time I ate so much junk food in one sitting! Dan said that this was ‘probably my last dude food deg forever’. NOOOOOOO!!!!! I was looking forward to more dude food deg in the future! Service at Lotus was fantastic as always! I have enjoyed dining at Lotus, and no doubt will be back for their awesome cheeseburger!


22 Challis Avenue

Potts Point 2011

Ph: +61 2 9326 9000

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Room 10, Potts Point

Voted as Sydney’s best new café by the SMH Good Café Guide in 2011. This little hole in the wall serves up one of the nicest (and potentially best) coffee in Potts Point and delicious breakfast consisting of open sandwiches, cakes and other brunch-type selections.

The café is tiny, seriously tiny! The kitchen is actually a dedicated area of bench space on the right, and no big tables in sight, stools double as tables. The coffee here is amazingly good, Room 10 uses Mecca coffee and the man behind the menu is Daniel Jackson who previously worked at Clover and Clipper café.

I came here with my lady of leisure friend B, we haven’t seen each other for such a long time that we had A LOT to catch up on! She started with skim flat white – loved it!

I wanted to try their chai latte, served in a tea-pot, it was absolutely delicious.

I couldn’t go past the burnt fig, cinnamon and almond granola served with stewed rhubarb, fresh banana, yogurt and honey ($9) with a bit of milk. It had me at fig and rhubarb that I didn’t even look at anything else on the menu! Served with milk, the granola was crunchy and wonderful. I have taken a liking to cinnamon, the smell especially and it was distinctively fragrant!

The stewed rhubarb and yogurt was a wonderful complement. One bowl was not enough, I wanted more!

B had the bircher, which was served with banana, stewed rhubarb, topped with pistachio and honey ($9). This was just as good! I loved the crunchiness of the pistachio, the moistness of the bircher, it’s no secret that we are both bircher fans!

We saw other diners have the sandwich and it looked wonderful – slow cooked salt beef sarnie with fresh cabbage slaw rocket and mustard ($10) and poached lemon chicken sarnie with toasted almonds, celery, dill, avocado and rocket ($11) – YUM! Will definitely be back for the sarnie and of course the coffee!

Simple name, simple signage – tiny ceramic number 10. I can imagine this place being super busy on the weekends, but you can always takeaway. Coffee is excellent – well worth the trek, even went back for a second cup of coffee! I can see why this was voted as the best new café and as they say – simple things are done exceptionally well!

Thanks again B, and I look forward to our brunch catchup again!

GA’s ratings: 8 / 10

Room 10

10 Llankelly Place

Potts Point 2011

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Ms G’s, Potts Point

AGAIN you say? Yes…. again! Do you have a favourite restaurant that you tend to go back over and over? A favourite Thai restaurant? or Japanese restaurant? Last year Café Ish, Bodega, Lotus (heard they have a new menu so stay tuned!), Porteno were my favourites (and still is of course!). I couldn’t help but go back and try everything on the menu! This year, I believe it is Ms G’s. There was a time when we (you know who you are!) went every single Sunday for lunch or every second Friday for dinner. It has been a good four months since my last confession, I mean visit and in the past six weeks has gone back three times! yikes! Obsessed much? I wasn’t going to blog about it but there are a couple of new items on the menu since my last visit and items that I haven’t tried that I thought is worth mentioning. Of course, there are also items that’s a must order, like the pork belly banh mi, fried chicken and the steamed fish with white soy. The dish below has just been added to that ‘must order’ list!

Ms G’s requires no introduction, and I am sure after seeing Dan Hong on Masterchef a couple of weeks ago, fellow Masterchef supporters is dying to try his coconut pandan chiffon cake. Sadly though, it has taken me a good six months to try this magnificient dessert. Better late than never right?

I love fresh oysters! The Sydney rock oysters with lemongrass vinaigrette ($4 each) was excellent. The oysters were creamy, plump and the lemongrass vinaigrette a wonderful complement.

The Banh Mi is a must order! Everytime I come here, I always get the pork belly as it is banh mi at its best. Crispy pork belly on a soft bun, one is never enough! Have yet to try the chicken – but how can I say no to pork belly?

The Vietnamese salad of SA octopus, cassava crackers ($16) was lovely. Grilled octopus which was tender and I loved the Vietnamese salad and dressing that came with it.

Sea scallop, jicama, guacamole, finger lime ($16). Such a wonderful dish – fresh scallops, which was deliciously plump and moreish topped with fresh vegetables, tapioca and roe.

Jicama is a crispy and sweet edible root similar to turnip, it has a unique flavour on its own but works well with salads and salsas. It has a sweet flavour and this dish was slightly sweet with a nice limey flavour through it.

Ocean trout ceviche ‘fiji style’ ($16) – double-y WOW! This would be my favourite dish thus far at Ms G’s! Fresh ocean trout pieces, with tomatoes, cucumber and seaweed topped with tapioca and the broth, I can’t begin to explain how wonderful the broth is. It’s slightly sweet, slightly spicy, slighty crunchy from the ‘rice bubbles’ and oh my lord – mouth watering!

Whilst we were waiting for our meal to arrive, the waitress brought another serving of this. Stupid me said ‘we’ve had this’ – WHAT WAS I THINKING? We should have probably said ‘thank you’ and had another serving. It was good and one of Dan’s best I would say.

Jow’s sweet and sour lamb ribs ($23). I love anything sweet and sour, especially sweet and sour pork. The ribs were a little on the thin side I thought, I had the smallest rib possible – the lamb was incredibly tender that it easily ripped off the bone, and the sauce – divine. I didn’t bother using my knife and fork – hands – carnivore style – it was sticky and finger licking good!

Egg noodles with XO sauce, braised duck, soft poached egg ($18) – you can’t really see the poached egg from this angle but it oozed with yolk. I love the tenderness of the braised duck, the egg noodles cooked to perfection and the xo sauce – well I love xo sauce! Compared to the other dishes, I thought this was a little ‘plain’ but still wonderful.

Fried baby chicken, kimchi mayonnaise is another must! (half $15 and whole $25). Who doesn’t like fried chicken? They have one of the crunchiest batter, and the chicken is magnificently tender and cooked to PERFECTION every single time. It definitely beats the chicken wings at Mc Donalds – no comparison really! What was I thinking? I LOVE the kimchi mayonnaise – many of my friends don’t like kimchi – so more for me I guess!

Another favourite of mine is cobia fillet steamed with white soy and ginger salad of fennel, radish and herbs ($29). Originally it was cooked with Mulloway fillet, however the cobia fillet is just as good. It is a firmer fish than then mulloway but it is the broth that takes my breath away. I came here with the teacher, W, and we were seriously unimpressed when the waitress took the plate away. We both wanted to pick up the plate and ‘drink’ the soup! classy i know.

I came back a couple of weeks later with an ex colleague and his brother. We had everything mentioned above, plus more! One being Braised Wagyu beef shin “Hue Style”, konnyaku noodles, lemongrass, chilli broth $25. The braised wagyu was incredibly tender that it just melted in our mouths! The lemongrass and chili broth outstanding. The konnyaku noodles was nice but probably could do without. More Wagyu would have been lovely. I think previously it was served with pork belly, the braised wagyu is infintely better! (and that’s saying something as I love pork belly!)

The QLD spanner crab, broccolini, silken tofu, shellfish dashi ($24) reminded me of the crab dish at lotus. The crab were delicate and moreish, the silken tofu light and excellent. The broth fantastic, but the crab dish at lotus is definitely the best out of the two.

Dessert – the stoner delight I have had many times now. They have changed the flavours of the ice cream slightly – it was banana when it first opened, I can’t remember what the flavour was last time, think it might have been passionfruit. A friend said that the mandarin granite, lime mousse, Calpis yoghurt sorbet was excellent – W and I were originally going to order the lime mousse, however, the ‘ice cream sandwich’ vanilla ice cream and chocolate brownie with blueberry ($12) that won our hearts.

OMG – just three words – OH MY GOD! It was a huge serving – we wondered whether or not this was for one or two – for one apparently! Generous servings of vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate mousse – it was rich – sickly rich but beautiful! Drizzled with blueberry compote and ‘sandwiched’ between two thin layers of chocolate brownie which were soft but yet firm. UTTERLY AMAZEBALLZ!

So finally, I had the Pandan chiffon cake, strawberries, coconut sorbet $12. WOW! Served with tapioca balls, sago and coconut sorbet – my goodness! Totally and utterly amazing. Can’t believe that I have not ordered this until now.

The cake is deliciously airy and light with pandan flavour. The tapioca warm and diced strawberries were a wonderful complement. The coconut sorbet flavour was subtle and eaten all together, the flavours burst in your mouth and were magnifique and even D who didn’t want dessert that evening wanted to lick the plate clean! EPIC!

I do have a confession, I am obsessed, I really do like this place and will be returnning again next week with the uni bunch! I am looking forward to it already! Promise I won’t post anymore until they have a new menu but you can check out the photos here.

Unfortunately they don’t take reservations, and all parties have to be present before you are seated! However, you can wait at the bar upstairs, listen to the uber cool music and have a drink whilst you wait.

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Ms G’s

155 Victoria Street

Potts Point, 2011

Ph: +61 2 9240 3000

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[TOYS] Collective #5: Ballz Deep at Ms G, Potts Point

I have wanted to go to [TOYS] collective event for a while now. I missed their previous events for various reasons, but I was determined to go to the next one. It was held at Ms G’s, the theme was ‘Ballz Deep’ which as Dan described ‘something the chefs can all relate too’. It’s a degustation showcasing the talents of four of the upcoming hot young chefs in Sydney. It costs $120 per head which includes matching alcohol with each course.

I went with the gym enthusiast, S. My dear friend, M was also there with her friends. Unfortunately we didn’t get to sit together. Once seated, we were presented with a cocktail each, created by Charlie Anisbury – he made 100 individual cocktails – I don’t think I even know 100 cocktails! Mine was the ‘Harvey Wallbanger’ – vodka, orange juice galliano and it was refreshingly delicious and light that it went down quickly and nicely.

S on the other hand had ‘Planter’s Punch’ – dark rum, lemon, sugar, angostura bitters. I wasn’t a huge fan of this one unfortunately, only because I don’t like rum!

We started with four different canapes, the first being deep-fried prawn balls, yuzu mayo by Dan Hong himself. This was absolutely delicious – pop in your mouth size, the prawn balls were crunchy on the outside and soft moist on the inside and the yuzu mayo was deliciously creamy and wonderful. I could have easily eaten half a dozen of this.

Next, banh mi of tete de porc, kim chi by Jowett Yu. Similar to the banh mi at Ms G, this was probably my favourite amongst the canapes. Served on a soft fluffy bun, the pork was crunchy and moist and the kimchi was subtle but wonderful. It was scrumptiously good!

Lamb’s balls, shiso pistou by Thomas Lim was nice but probably my least favourite. It was bite size thankfully, and I popped it in my mouth. I didn’t realise at the time, but upon biting, the lamb-y flavour burst into my mouth. It didn’t last long, as it was tiny but the shio pistou was a wonderful complement.

Lastly, steamed pork bun, miso, apple by Nic Wong reminded me so much of the Chinese dish that I love – pork with man tao. Tender, succulent shredded pork served with ‘soft bun, the apple inside was a nice crunchy surprise’. It was magnificient. Each bite was better than the next and the next thing I knew, I was eye-ing S’s pork bun!

Now the shared mains, first course was by Dan Hong entitled deep sea balls – sashimi salad of scallop, fish, tapioca, trout roe, crispy rice and finger lime matched with bishonen junmai ginjo shu sake. This was the dish of the night for me. Fresh sashimi, octobus, scallop, fish with different types of ‘balls’ – ocean trout, tapioca, and crispy rice. I love the subtle spiciness and the crunchy crispy rice balls and as M said ‘such perfect combination of flavours and textures. AMAZEBALLS’.

Jowett Yu combination balls soup – ‘balls’ of scallop, prawn, fish, pork broth served with ramen was probably my least favourite. The flavours didn’t work at all and the ‘balls’ were nice and moist but it really didn’t appeal to me. It was served with 2008 Dveri Pax ‘sivi pinot’ which I didn’t have as I am alergic to white wine (yes weird I know!).

110% Woman by Thomas Lim – chicken breast, oyster and seaweed. The inspiration came from his girlfriend. I know a couple of people didn’t enjoy this dish, they thought the chicken was tasteless and undercooked. The people around M’s table had to use Sriracha sauce to give it some taste. She could see what he was trying to do but it just didn’t work. I thought the chicken was soft and succulent, I enjoyed it and I love the combination of the red cabbage, mushroom and white fungus. Served with 2010 Foster e Roco Sangiovese Rose, Heath cote – Victoria – not my favourite but it did complement the dish.

Lastly, beam’n bone by Nic Wong – smoked pork ribs, chili, bourbon, pickled green tomato. The ribs were tender and had a strong smokey flavour which I loved. I noticed no one used cutlery – they were ‘seriously yummy and the smokiness and stickiness worked perfectly with the watermelon balls’. Two small ribs were defintiely not enough! I wanted more but was getting full by this stage.

The salad I loved. Pickled green tomatoes which was wonderful along with sweet ‘ball’ size watermelon. It was served with macs ‘Sassy Red’ Bitter, Nelson New Zealand.

Before our desserts came, we were presented with iced coffee. Even the iced coffee had a ‘ballz’ theme – PEARLS!!!! It was ridicolously sweet – so sweet that I had to pour water in it and even then it was still too sweet! The pearls were a nice surprise though – bit chewy and hard but a pleasant surprise.

To end, Great balls of fire (and ice) by Bernard Chu and Yen Yee – fried chestnut ice cream, salted egg yolk, liquorice and sour plum was one of the nicest deep fried ice cream I have had. I love good fried ice cream and this exceeded expectation.

The thin crunchy exterior oozed with ice cream and in the middle, a wonderful delight – salted egg yolk and WOW! EPIC! I loved it! I think this was a winner and the perfect way to end the delicious meal.

I am not sure if I liked the liquorice though, it reminded me too much of pi pa gao(Chinese cough medicine)! It seemed as though they have just poured it into a bowl – I was definitely not a fan! But the sour plum was incredibly sour and absolutely wonderful. M on the other hand though LOVED the liquoirce but then again, she loves the cough medicine!

Overall, it was a fun evening, S and I sat together but M who sat on the communial table got to meet new people. It was fun talking to the chefs and meeting their girlfriends, wives and others invovled in [TOYS] collective.

M thought it was a bit weird that they didn’t or couldn’t do anything about her prawn allergy – even if its an extra serving of something else to make for it, given it’s a set menu. She couldn’t eat any of the deep fried prawn ball – which was a shame, and the combination balls soup but don’t think she was missing out there.

I found out later on that each course had its respective music selected by the chef. I did enjoy the music – lots of different types of genre, some I even swayed and dance too!

Overall, it was a wonderful evening, though the delay between the dishes was a tad long. Especailly between the canapes and the shared main. It was still a fun night though and looks forward to the next one. Thanks to the chef and to Mel for a wonderful evening!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10

[TOYS] Collective

Ms G’s

155 Victoria Street,

Potts Point, Sydney NSW

Epic CHEESEBURGER, Lotus Revisit. It’s been a while…

I caught up with a dear friend, R, for lunch and being the food lovers that we are, we discussed food over food. She mentioned ‘Lotus’, and that triggered the phenomenal cheeseburger and how it was time for a visit! We thought we would invite the photographer, D, and his lovely wife, E, as she too LOVES the cheeseburger.

It certainly has been a while since my last visit and I don’t know why it has taken me this long to return. Ever since R mentioned Lotus, all I have thought and dreamt about is their juicy, succulent, mouthwatering burger. ‘The Mother’ was craving a burger for dinner one evening prior to my visit, however, I politely declined, as I was saving my stomach for this…..

The place was busy on a Friday night – reservations are definitely recommended. Lotus is not a very big restaurant, but a cozy one, and can be found on Challis Avenue. I love the ambiance, the bar at the back and the friendly waitstaff.

E and I knew exactly what we wanted, it is the one reason why we came – the cheeseburger, and we made a point of telling our companions that we WEREN’T sharing! We were happy to share other dishes but not the burger, I wanted it all to myself!

To start off with, fresh baguette – crusty, crunchy and soft and moist on the inside. Oh bread… why must you taste so good?

This is another favourite dish of mine – yellowfin tuna sashimi, sweet wasabi, soy and ginger dressing ($20). I love the freshness of the tuna and the creamy sweet wasabi dressing that came with it. It was light, refreshing and absolutely delicious. A wonderful start to what was to come.

The raw scampi, foie gras, apple and hazelnut oil ($23) was divine. I love the combination of the scampi and apple jelly. The hazelnut oil was subtle, and the foie gras was like icing on the cake – it was just magnifique and the photograhper’s favourite dish. He manipulated the rest of us and ended up eating the last piece.

I have taken a liking to raw sea scallop and the Vietnamese inspired sea scallop ceviche ($19) was excellent. The freshness, creaminess yet firm scallops, WOW. I love the consomme which had a distinct taste and aroma of fish sauce, all topped with slices of fried diced garlic, shisho and coriander. It was definitely refreshing.

Next, the pork belly, ‘The Mother’ and I had this dish last time we were here, but it was different. Caramelised pork belly, watermelon, almond gazpacho ($19). Sounds weird right – pork belly with watermelon? But it certainly worked! The pork belly was tender, and succulent with crispy, crunchy skin. The watermelon was sweet which complemented the pork belly and the almond gazpacho was deliciously rich and creamy. It was fantastic! The crackle was crunchy, and although calorific was outstanding.

The spiced lamb loin, miso eggplant with fried egg ($23). I am not a huge fan of lamb,but had to try a tiny bit. Let me start with the miso eggplant – to die for! It had a strong eggplant flavour, creamy and was just magnifique. The lamb was tender and succulent, and was served medium rare. I chose the smallest piece possible, and eaten with the miso eggplant and oozie egg yolk – it was just incredible. The lamb was still a little too lamb-y for me, but a small doze of it was enough. The texture and combination was just ingenious.

Now, the moment I have been waiting for. I have dreamt about this cheeseburger ($16) ever since, R, said ‘lets go to lotus!’ I can’t begin to explain again how wonderful, stupendous, finger licking good this burger is. One word – orgasmic! I took a bite, and WOW. The wonderful flavours burst in my mouth and each mouthful afterwards was better than the next. I really didn’t want it to end. The juiciness of the beef pattie, the crispy and saltiness from the bacon, the cheesy goodness, the sweetness of the onion relish, the sourness of the pickles, tomato sauce all served on a sesame seed bun. OMFG – it was better than I remembered it to be! Yup – no one was sharing this with me. E would agree with me – one mouthwatering goodness! It was just sublime!

We were told that the record for eating this burger is SEVEN! I don’t know if I can stomach seven, but two is definitely doable. Apparently his girlfriend or female companion had six! That’s a LOT of burgers!

The photographer had the fish of the day, silken tofu, mushrooms, kim chi consomme ($24). It looked fantastic but I wouldn’t know as he wanted to eat this ALL to himself. Besides, I was too engrossed in my messy burger.

R had the spanner crab, dashi custard, asparagus and ginger ($19) – this was her favourite dish at Lotus and I can see why. Succulent crab, with melt in your mouth dashi custard, all served with thinly sliced asparagus and ginger. The consomme was light and refreshing, it was good – MORE than good in fact.

Not only did we each have our own dish, we also had a couple of side dishes. To start off with, fries ($8) – thin, salty, crispy fries. Excellent!

Dave’s zucchini and parmesan salad ($8) was simply but superb. Tender baked zucchini all topped with parmesan.

The bok choy ($8) was cooked to perfection.

We were really full by this stage but wanted dessert, there is always a different stomach for dessert. The Chef, Dan Hong, came out to say hello. We couldn’t decide what we wanted, so he said ‘leave it with me’. So we did…

First up, lime sponge and watermelon, coconut sorbet, lime curd ($15). This was very citrusy and tangy. The watermelon gave it that extra sweet flavouring. If you don’t like tang than this is not for you.

Next, passionfruit custard, chocolate meringue and yogurt sorbet ($15) was amazing! I love the smoothness of the passionfruit custard, the layers of crumbed biscuit and broken pieces of chocolate meringue all topped with yogurt sorbet.

Yes, there were more, apple granita, sautenes custard, peach ice cream ($15) – this was the dessert for me. I love the apple granita, apple jelly, the custard topped with creamy peachy ice cream. WOW, it was deliciously light, and deliciously refreshing – it was just marvelous!

Lastly, the warm choc chip cookie, vanilla ice cream, raspberry and butterscotch ($15). This was R’s favourite and I can see why. I love the warm, goey, chewy choc chip cookie – it was perfect! The fresh raspberry, and bite size honeycomb all drizzled with butterscotch sauce – DELICIOUS!

We were stuffed! 3.5 girls all demolished the dessert.

But, there was more – petite fours – four bite size caramel slice – oh my – as soon as you take a bite, the caramel goodness burst in my mouth. It was gooey, chewy, wonderfully sweet and was the BEST caramel slice I have had!

I have to say, it was an outstanding meal with wonderful friends. However, we (that is, the photographer and myself) probably made a complete fool out of ourselves. I know R and E were embarrassed. The waiters and waitresses would look at our table and ‘smirk’. Why? The photographer brought the coolest gadget, a portable light (check out the light below!), so that our photos will turn out better. God BLESS! He remembered how dark the restaurant was, and the portable light certainly made our photos better! THANKS photographer.

Thanks R for organising, it was so lovely to see you again and a BIG thank you to Dan for an unforgettable meal. We truly enjoyed the meal. I was so full that I couldn’t move or ‘reach for the remote’! Will definitely be back again soon!

GA’s ratings: 9 / 10


22 Challis Avenue

Potts Point, 2011

Ph: +61 2 9326 9000

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Ms G’s Potts Point – Had to go back! Awesome meal!

I had such a wonderful meal at Ms G’s the first time that I HAD to come back. I was back within less than a week – a little excessive perhaps but I didn’t get to try enough dishes the first time, that I knew I had to come back! So, four days after my visit, I came here with the family. I was a little reluctant in taking my parents here, especially my mum. I thought the place would be a little loud for them, but surprisingly, they absolutely loved it! Mum didn’t find it loud and she loved the funky and cool interior! I was also a little worried about the food – sometimes when I take Mum to a Chinese or Indonesian restaurant she would complain about the quality of the food and I have to agree, sometimes, hers is actually better. However, with Ms G’s – no complaints at all! She absolutely loved it and even wanted me to introduce her to Dan Hong so that she could ask for the recipe!! Both my parents absolutely loved it and were hoping to come back soon.

Dan saw me come in and as soon as we were seated he came to our table, greeted us with a plate of pickles – on the house! THANK YOU! The pickles were absolutely light and refreshing. A combination of sour, sweet and spicy pending on what you ate. My sis-in-law, O and I couldn’t help but dig into the kimchi! We were fighting for every last bit of it. You know – I wouldn’t be able to name all the pickles on the plate but we all certainly enjoyed it!

They left all the ordering to me, and I knew we had to start with these little goodies! Five delicious mini banh mi – crispy pork belly all for me!

The thought of eating all five mini banh mi ($6 each) did occur to me. They were that good that one was simply not enough. It was as good as the first time, and everyone agreed with me that one was just not enough!

I had to order the Vietnamese steak tartare, prawn crackers ($18) again. I know how much my brother, F, loves steak tartare and had to make sure he tried this one. He absolutely loved it, so did my Dad, they were both fighting for every single last bit. It was just THAT good!

F wanted to try the grilled beef tongue, lemongrass and tomato salsa. This was no ordinary beef tongue, it was a little thicker than I thought but it was just as good! The beef tongue was tender and succulent. The lemongrass really gave it that extra flavouring and the tomato salsa was refreshing and gave it a nice touch.

Next, the fried baby chicken, kimchi mayonnaise (whole $30) was one of the highlights amongst the diners. We all LOVED the tender, crispy, finger licking good, chicken. F literary licked the little bowl of kimchi mayonnaise. Mum kept wondering how it was so crispy, and Dad was urging her to ask Dan! It was salty, it was crispy, it was tender and it was frigging AWESOME! I don’t think a whole chicken was enough, we could have easily eaten at least two or perhaps three servings of these!

Angus scotch fillet, fried egg, hoisin mustard, crisp garlic ($32). This was absolutely wonderful. The hoisin mustard was subtle but delightful, the crispy garlic was crispy and really gave the whole dish that extra ‘crunch’. The fried egg was ingenious, I love how the yolk oozed and you scrape the beef, the hoisin mustard and crisp garlic together. WOW!

Check out the rareness of the beef – it was so tender, and so succulent it just melted in your mouth! It’s certainly a very unique way of eating your scotch fillet!

I couldn’t help but order the braised pork belly ‘Hue Style’, konnyaku noodles, lemongrass, chili broth ($24). The pork belly was incredibly tender and succulent with a slither of fat. The lemongrass was very light and the chili really gave it that nice kick. Again the chili wasn’t strong, it was extremely subtle, for me anyway as I can take a decent amount of spiciness. I didn’t try any of the noodles, but Mum and F seemed to have enjoyed it.

Last but not least, this is a must order! Mulloway fillet steamed with white soy and ginger, salad of fennel, radish and herbs ($28). For most of the diners, this was also one of the highlights of evening. The broth was just outstanding! We all loved it and like my first visit could have easily drunk this on its own. The fish was simply stupendous, so fresh and so tender. The broth, totally and utterly tremendous. It was better than the first time, this was absolutely marvelous and definitely one of my favourites!

I made sure we ordered dessert this time round. F and I couldn’t go pass the “Stoner’s Delight” banana ice cream, chocolate, rice bubbles, pretzel, peanut brittle and marshmallow ($12). Three words – OH MY GOODNESS! The marshmallows were lightly toasted so it was slightly warm which was nice. The chocolate rice bubbles brought me back to my childhood – it was crunchy and chocolaty. The peanut brittle – oh my, who doesn’t like peanut brittle? We were fighting for every single last piece! The banana ice cream was so creamy and so smooth that we could have eaten it straight from the container. The combination of the chocolate, the brittle, the creamy ice cream and the crunch from the bubbles were just astonishing. We were in awe and F kept muttering ‘delicious, my goodness, delicious’! This was also one of the highlights amongst the diners!

We also ordered the “Jam Doughnut” cinnamon doughnut, ice cream and raspberry jelly ($12). The doughnut was deep fried and cut into tiny pieces on a mountain of cream which was served with raspberry jelly and compote with ice cream. I can’t for the life of me remember what flavour it was, but that’s because I only managed to eat a tiny spoon as it was devoured by everyone! It was a very clever way of presenting “Jam Doughnut” – it tasted like jam doughnut, just not in the way that everyone expect doughnuts to be. Ingenious!

We totally and utterly enjoyed every single dish! My favourite would have to be the Mulloway fillet, followed by the fried baby chicken. The “Stoner’s Delight” was definitely the best out of the two desserts, but we did see the “splice” pine-lime granite, lychee sorbet and whipped cream and it looked divine! Parents definitely enjoyed it, they loved the atmosphere, the layout, and most importantly they loved the food! I knew F and O would enjoyed it but was surprised at how much my parents loved it!

We also ordered Ms G’s Famous Yuzu Slushee – limoncello, Russian standard vodka, yuzu juice and Regan’s orange bitters. It was so sour but at the time so refreshing that neither of us could stop drinking it. Dad kept saying how sour it was but before I knew it, it was gone! It went down so nicely, albeit sour-y!

Am I that fickle? Could this be my new love? It is ok to love more than one restaurants right? It’s called sharing the love! Like my last visit, ‘I WILL be back!’

[Asked F if I could borrow his camera, Nikon D90 and MAN! I need to get me a new camera!]

GA’s ratings: 8.5 / 10

Ms G’s

155 Victoria Street

Potts Point, 2011

Ph: +61 2 9240 3000

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