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Pho Pasteur, Haymarket

Pho Pasteur on George Street has been around forever! I remember dashing here for a quick lunch before heading back to class during my university days or having a quick dinner before going home after work. It’s always packed, filled with office workers, uni students, families and tourists. The place hasn’t changed, still cramped, however, price has definitely increased. I can’t remember how much a bowl of pho used to be – $6? But one thing for sure is I doubt you can get a bowl of pho for that much now.

‘The Mother’ was craving pho after a night of boozing and dancing. We had originally planned to go to Flemington but I was too hungry and couldn’t wait, so suggested Pho Pasteur.

Menus are handed out, but also written on the wall. ‘The Mother’ knew exactly what he wanted, special beef rice noodle soup ($10) or number two on the menu. The ‘special’ generally involve tripe and tendons. ‘The Mother’ knows how much I love tripe and tendons and he doesn’t always eat it all, so no guessing who will!

Served with fresh bean sprouts, basil and lemon.

The noodle and broth I like – it had a lot of flavours. I usually like my broth with lots of chili for that extra kick, but unfortunately, ‘The Mother’ doesn’t like his soup spicy.

I had the usual, deep-fried chicken with rice ($9.50) – unfortunately it didn’t come with tomato fried rice which I love! The chicken was succulent and I love the thin crispy skin. However, my favourite would have to be Pho Toan Thang, in Flemington.

I couldn’t help but order a side of seafood spring rolls which came with lettuce and nuoc cham dipping sauce. I love rolling the spring roll in lettuce, why have I not done this at home? It makes it somewhat ‘healthier’.

Service minimal, it’s very efficient and quick, pho comes out in exactly four minutes – ‘The Mother’ made me time it! Very quick!

Not exactly my favourite Pho place, I still prefer Pho Toan Thang in Flemington. But good for a quick fix or craving. We were both just too hungry and potentially too drunk to drive, so walking was the better option.

Where is your favourite pho place? Always on the look out for good pho – in the city or not.

GA’s rating: 6.5 / 10

Pho Pasteur

709 George St


Ph: +61 2 9212 5622

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