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Heichinrou, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

I have been to this restaurant a couple of times now, once for dim sum and another for dinner. I have to say, both times, food was really good. Heichinrou can be found in Times Square in Causeway Bay on the 11th Floor. Can you believe that I don’t go to dim sum very often in Hong Kong? Maybe once every quarter, not even that! I used to go once a month in Sydney but got very sick of it very quickly. Having dim sum with just ‘The Mother’ sometimes is hard, as you can’t eat as much… well he can’t anyways.

We started with some soy chicken which believe it or not, was eaten by Dragon herself! My friend, M, only had like 2 pieces – Sorry! It was deliciously tender and the skin silky smooth!


I absolutely love yu tau wrapped in Cheung fun.


The hundred thousand year old egg was also delicious – a favourite of mine.


Chicken feet which was delicious.


M ordered the shrimp dumpling – it was huge and she absolutely enjoyed it.


Dragon was still hungry and insisted that we order more chicken wings (she was doing the chicken wings movement!) We ordered these wings which were slightly sweet.

For dessert, I couldn’t go past the custard with yolk – OH MY! This was deliciously sinful – love the oozy egg yolk! NICE!



For dinner, there were 3.5 of us – two of my high school friends and Dragon of course! She wouldn’t want to miss out on char siu and soy chicken! We started with char siu and this was good. Had the right amount of fat and meat ratio. Yum!


Dinner with M is never complete if there are no vegetables – beans with minced pork – one of my favourites, but a tad on the oily side.


Soy chicken – this was as good as lunch!


M and S wanted the claypot rice which came with blood sausage, Chinese sausage, some pig trotters and chicken. I love blood and Chinese sausage which were delicious.



Service I thought was good and efficient. Will definitely go back to try their other dishes!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


Shop 1102, 11/F, Food Forum

Times Square, 1 Matheson Street

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Ph: +852 2506 2333

Mr Wong, Sydney

November 27, 2012 1 comment

Mr Wong opened the week after we left for Hong Kong so I was a little sad that I didn’t get to try it as some of you may know I am a huge fan of Dan Hong’s cooking, especially Ms Gs and his burger which I first tasted at Lotus and now at the Fish Shop. So on my trip back to Sydney my dear friend M suggested that we go to Mr Wong for dinner on Sunday evening as you can’t make reservations for less than 8 diners.

Mr Wong can be found on Bridge Lane where the old Tank night club used to be. My how the place looks different – two levels, it reminded me a little of a 1930’s Shanghai tea house and I absolutely love the vibe and the feel of it.

Coming on a Sunday at 6.30pm, we had no problems in getting a table for 3. The menu extensive and for the first time in a long time I let ‘The Mother’ order – which is a good and a bad thing. I should probably have looked at the menu closely but he did order quite well but I definitely would have liked to try the sweet and sour pork hock!

We started with the Steamed Dim Sum Platter (8 pieces) – Scallop shumai, Jade seafood dumpling, Har Gau, Chinese mushroom dumpling ($32) – actually there were no har gau but xiao long bau which was delicious!

I absolutely loved the scallop shumai – 3 juicy and plump neatly packaged in a delicate pastry skin. The vegetarian dumpling was quite tasty too.

The roast duck (half – $34) was a favourite amongst the diners. Crispy skin and juicy, tender meat.

We all love pork so ordered the Roasted five spice pork belly ($25) – I love the crispy crackle and tender meat. Could have eaten a whole plate on my own!

Last but not least Hotpot of beef and tendon, enoki mushrooms, star anise and Thai basil ($32). You can’t see the large tender chunks of beef and delicious tendon as they were all underneath the enoki mushrooms – yum!

Desserts – fried ice cream has been a childhood favourite of mine. I was a little disappointed that when ‘The Mother’ ordered the fried ice cream, the waiter didn’t ask if we wanted vanilla or chocolate! I would definitely have ordered chocolate!

The batter was surprisingly thin and served with thick butterscotch sauce. It was good however, I think I was expecting something more – not sure what but perhaps pop candy?

Service was ok, a tad slow at times. Food was good – your typical Chinese food but I was expecting something with a twist – like Ms Gs. Glad to have a Chinese restaurant in the Wynyard area, pity I don’t work near there – it could be my regular yum cha place!

GA’s ratings: 7 / 10

Mr Wong

3 Bridge Lane

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 9240 3000

Mr Wong on Urbanspoon

Fat Buddha, Sydney

Fat Buddha, is the newest yum cha venue in Sydney which is located on the top level of QVB. It has been open for a few months now, I have heard mix reviews, some loved it and some thought it was just way too pricey, including ‘The Mother’ who went with his work colleagues a few weeks ago.

The décor is very modern, I love the natural light streaming through, the dark-toned wood panelling. It was definitely very shick. It was relatively empty when A and I rocked up at midday on a weekday, we have both been craving yum cha and thought we would try this place.

The prawn dumplings (har gao) were plump, although the pastry I thought was a little too thick and too gooey.

The siu may was excellent, we both enjoyed it.

Like the prawn dumplings, I thought the pastry for the chives and shrimp dumplings (gow choi gau) was thick and a little gooey.

Really enjoyed the chicken feet (fung jeow), the flavours and the smoothness of the skin was just delicious.

Unfortunately the pork dumplings, (xiao long bao) were not the best I have eaten. It wasn’t too bad but again it was the thick pastry that killed it. The soup inside was delicious though, and had the ‘right’ flavours.

The silky rice noodle filled with prawns were also good. Loved the silky, smooth rice noodle. They didn’t have my favourite pan-fried rice noodle rolls with peanut and hoi sin sauce, which was a shame.

For dessert, I couldn’t go past the egg custard tarts (daan taat), was served warm, the top pastry was very flaky and good but the bottom bit was a doughy and disappointing.

There were some really good dish, but overall I think I still prefer my usual, Palace, or East Ocean or Marigold. I did have my yum cha fix, but still a little unsatisfying.

Slightly on the expensive side, but service was friendly and polite.  They even made my lunch date, baby B smile!

GA’s ratings: 5 / 10

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant

Level 2, QVB, 455 George Street

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 9264 9558

Fat Buddha Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Marigold, Sydney

Yum cha – something I crave once in a while. It certainly has been a while since I had yum cha so asked a friend if she would come with me. Thank goodness she said yes! So one early Saturday morning, T and I rocked up at Marigold at 10 am, it was still quiet but by about 11.30am, the place was pumping and busy!

We started with chicken feet (feng zhao) a must get for me when going to yum cha. The silky skin, the chewy bones, the spicy sauce, it was excellent and heavenly.

The prawn dumplings is another favourite of mine, the pastry thin and smooth, with large, moreish prawns. It was hard to stop at just one.

The soft, slippery beef tendons were delicious, slightly chewy and incredibly flavoursome.

I love the fried rice noodles, slightly pan fried on the outside and dipped with peanut sauce is just wonderful. Talk about carb over load but this dish I love!

Steamed garlic chive dumplings (gow chi gow), another favourite of mind.

I have grown up with bbq pork steamed buns (char siu bao), so this I love!

Steamed vegetables, just to be ‘healthy’.

And for dessert, egg tarts (dan tat) and it did not disappoint. Served hot, the pastry was crispy and flaky, the custard supremely eggy and absolutely delightful! It was the perfect way to end the meal.

There are a couple of dishes that was missing on my yum cha list, mainly the steamed dumplings but it’s always hard to eat a lot food with just two people and I think we did a pretty darn good effort! From memory it was about $22 per person, which is ok but not as cheap as it used to be that’s for sure! Marigold did not disappoint, besides East Ocean, this would probably my ‘other’ favourite yum cha place. Definitely looking forward to my next Yum Cha brunch!

GA’s ratings: 7.5 / 10


689 George Street

Sydney 2000

Ph: +61 2 9261 8988

Marigold Citymark on Urbanspoon

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